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Renting a motorbike is one of the best ways to explore the sights, sounds, and tastes of Hanoi, Vietnam’s bustling capital. Zipping through the crowded streets on two wheels lets you fully immerse yourself in the city’s dynamic energy. Plus, a motorbike rental offers convenience, flexibility, and cost-savings compared to taxis or tour group transportation.

For the best motorbike rental experience in Hanoi, look no further than Motorbike Thu Ha. Our locally-owned company provides high-quality, well-maintained bikes for rentals of all lengths. We also offer pickup/dropoff, accessories, and 24/7 roadside assistance. Read on to learn why Motorbike Thu Ha is the top choice for motorbike rentals in Hanoi!

Why Choose Motorbike Thu Ha?

Guide to Renting Motorbikes Hanoi
Guide to Renting Motorbikes Hanoi

With so many motorbike rental options in Hanoi, we know travelers have to decide who to trust with providing a quality bike and service for fair prices. Here’s what sets Motorbike Thu Ha apart:

Reputable Local Company

As a family-owned business operating in Hanoi for over 10 years, we’ve earned a sterling reputation for personalized service, well-maintained bikes, and competitive rates. Our many repeat local and foreign customers give us 5-star reviews.

Quality Bikes You Can Trust

We invest in new bikes annually and maintain them to high safety and performance standards between rentals. You can feel confident exploring the city near and far knowing we only provide top-quality, reliable bikes.

More Than Just Motorbikes

Our team shares inside knowledge to customize unique Hanoi itineraries matching your interests. We’re motorbike enthusiasts eager to fuel awesome adventures tailored for you – not just hand over a bike.

Flexibility and Convenience

With options like free dropoff/pickup, customizable rental terms, and hassle-free booking, we make renting as easy as possible. We also accommodate last-minute schedule changes, special requests, and other needs.

Fair, Simple Pricing

Our daily/weekly/monthly rates are competitive and we never tack on hidden fees. Bulk discounts reward longer rentals. Know upfront what you’ll pay so there’s no sticker shock down the road.

Safety Is Paramount

From our thorough maintenance to included gear and roadside assistance, we go above and beyond to maximize your safety. We want every rental to result in unforgettable memories – not accidents.

If great value, quality, service, flexibility, and safety matter to you, go with Motorbike Thu Ha for your Hanoi motorbiking adventure. Contact us today to get started!

Motorbike Rental Rates and Packages

Motorbike and scooter rental Hanoi
Motorbike and scooter rental Hanoi

Motorbike Thu Ha offers very reasonable rates structured around your rental needs:

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rates

Our base rates start as low as:

Rental TypePrice (VND)Price (USD)
Daily150,000 VND$7 USD
Weekly700,000 VND$30 USD
Monthly2,500,000 VND$110 USD

Rates vary based on motorbike size/type, accessories bundled, and rental length. We provide discounts for longer rentals – the longer you need a bike, the more you save.

Discounts for Longer Rentals

To reward loyal customers, we offer tiered discounts such as:

Rental DurationDiscount Percentage
7-13 days5% off
14-29 days10% off
30+ days15% off

The discounts increase the longer you rent. It pays to book ahead if you know your approximate trip length in Hanoi.

Motorbike Rental Requirements

Hanoi motorbike rentals
Hanoi motorbike rentals

By informing our renters on licensing, insurance, deposits, and traffic rules, we aim to ensure your rental experience follows proper legal procedures. Please ask us to clarify anything about Vietnam’s motorbike rental laws.

Travel Guide Northern

Northern Vietnam
Northern Vietnam

With so many amazing motorbiking destinations across northern Vietnam, you may need to extend your Hanoi trip! Our team can suggest personalized northern routes and itineraries based on your timeline and interests. Let us make planning your northern Vietnam motorbike adventure simple.

Travel Guide Central

Central Vietnam
Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam holds endless beauty waiting to be uncovered on two wheels. Let Motorbike Thu Ha help customize the route fitting your timeline and riding style as you continue your adventure south of Hanoi!

Travel Guide South

South Vietnam
South Vietnam

With tempting southern destinations like these, you may need to extend your Hanoi motorbiking trip even longer! Let Motorbike Thu Ha help plan the routes and logistics to make an epic end-to-end Vietnam journey possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out if you have any other questions! We’re happy to help explain our policies, rentals, routes, and anything else about experiencing Vietnam on two wheels with Motorbike Thu Ha.

Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service
Terms Of Service

Please read our full terms and conditions document for additional details on renting with Motorbike Thu Ha. By reserving a bike, you acknowledge understanding and agreeing to all our rental terms and policies.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Motorbike Thu Ha values the privacy of our customers. This policy outlines how we collect, use, and protect any personal data provided during bike rentals. We may amend this policy occasionally by posting updates. Check back regularly to stay informed on how we collect, use, and protect data.

Contact Us

Whether you need a bike for a few hours or a few months, Motorbike Thu Ha has the perfect rental. Contact us today to check rates, availability, and reserve your motorbike adventure in Hanoi!

Phone+84 33 4699969
Address108 Nguyen Van Ch St, Long Bien, Hanoi, Vietnam

Let the capital’s energy carry you away on a Motorbike Thu Ha rental as you make unforgettable memories exploring Vietnam’s fast-paced, friendly northern hub. We can’t wait to fuel your Hanoi adventures!


Watching videos from riders familiar with Vietnamese roads is a smart way to gain insights before your own motorbiking adventure. Let us know if you need any other tips!


I hope these photos provide an overview of typical motorbike rentals available in Hanoi! Let me know if any other rental questions come up.


Let us know if you need any other Vietnam motorbiking tips! We want your rental experience to go as smoothly as possible.

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