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Located along Vietnam’s picturesque central coast, Binh Dinh province is filled with gorgeous beaches, lush countryside, historic sites, and off-the-beaten-path towns waiting to be explored. One of the best ways for tourists to discover the beauty of Binh Dinh is by motorbike. Renting a motorbike allows you the freedom and independence to travel at your own pace along backroads to secluded beaches, fishing villages, mountainside temples, and more.

However, driving a motorbike in Vietnam does pose some risks, especially for foreign travelers unfamiliar with road conditions, traffic laws, and vehicle maintenance. This comprehensive guide provides tips on how to safely rent, drive, and secure motorbikes for an epic adventure across Binh Dinh province. Follow this advice for an unforgettable motorbiking experience!

Reasons to Rent a Motorbike in Binh Dinh

Renting a motorbike opens up many doors for exploring Binh Dinh that other transportation options can’t provide:

  • Independence & Flexibility – Go wherever you want, whenever you want without relying on group tours or public transit schedules. Craft your own customized itinerary.
  • Access Remote Areas – Reach small villages, hidden temples, scenic viewpoints, and deserted beaches not easily accessible without your own wheels.
  • Cost-Effective – Renting a motorbike is an affordable way to explore Binh Dinh, compared to hiring a car or joining tours.
  • Immersive Travel – Stopping freely lets you interact more with locals and get an authentic slice of Vietnamese life.
  • Breezy Coastal Riding – With Binh Dinh’s beautiful coastline, riding a motorbike lets you feel the refreshing sea breeze.
  • Convenience – Quickly zip around cities, between attractions, and avoid traffic jams.

Types of Motorbikes Available for Rent

Binh Dinh offers many types of motorbikes to rent suitable for all skill levels:

Engine Sizes

  • 50-125cc – Best for lighter riders, urban use, shorter distances
  • 150-250cc – All-purpose engine size capable of highway speeds
  • >250cc – Large, powerful bikes good for two riders and rugged terrain

Manual vs. Automatic

  • Manual – Require manually shifting gears, more skill but better control
  • Automatic – No gear shifting needed, easier for beginners

Prices & Payment

  • 50-125cc – 60,000 to 150,000 VND per day
  • 150-250cc – 150,000 to 300,000 VND per day
  • >250cc – 250,000 to 400,000 VND per day
  • Longer rentals (4+ days) offer discounted rates
  • Many shops accept credit card or cash

Where to Rent Motorbikes in Binh Dinh

There are several options for renting motorbikes in Binh Dinh province:

Rental Shops

Dedicated rental shops are located throughout major tourist destinations like Quy Nhon, Hoi An, and Phu Cat. Benefits include:

  • Large selection of bike models and sizes
  • Mechanics ensure bikes are in good condition
  • May give discounts for longer rentals
  • Provide locks, helmets, breakdown assistance


Many hotels in Binh Dinh offer motorbike rentals for guests. Perks include:

  • Arrange rental easily upon check-in
  • Bikes kept secure overnight in hotel parking
  • Staff can provide rental assistance if needed
  • Allows charging rental fees to room

Private Individuals

Locals may informally rent out their private motorbikes. Pros are:

  • Often cheaper rates than shops
  • Get local tips on best routes to take
  • Supporting families directly
  • But less legal protections

Documentation Needed to Rent a Motorbike

To legally rent a motorbike in Vietnam, you’ll need:

  • Valid Driver’s License – Must have motorbike license from your home country plus International Driving Permit
  • Passport/Identification – Required to verify identity, often held with deposit
  • Deposit/Credit Card – Refundable deposit is required, typically full value of bike
  • Motorbike Insurance – Basic coverage usually included, optional upgrades available

Lack of proper documentation can invalidate insurance coverage, so have it ready beforehand.

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Inspecting & Testing the Motorbike

Give the motorbike a thorough inspection before riding away:

Check Condition

  • Ensure tires have sufficient tread and air
  • Brakes have good pressure, lights/signals working
  • Check oil, fluid levels are adequate

Test Drive

  • Take on short spin to test acceleration, braking, handling
  • Make sure gears shift smoothly

Note Existing Damage

  • Document any prior scratches, dents with photos
  • Have shop acknowledge pre-existing damage in writing

Address any issues immediately to avoid problems down the road.

Essential Motorbike Safety Gear

Protect yourself by wearing:

Quality Helmet

  • Only use helmets provided by rental company
  • Ensure proper fit – snug and chin strap fastened

Face Mask

  • Helps prevent illness from pollution and dust


  • Guard hands in a crash
  • Also improves grip on handlebars

Jacket & Pants

  • Sturdy jacket & pants prevent road rash in a spill
  • Wear clothes covering arms & legs

Proper Footwear

  • Closed-toe shoes or boots to protect ankles and feet

Rules of the Road in Vietnam

Learn Vietnam’s motorcycle rules and etiquette:

Drive on Right Side

  • Always drive on the right unless passing
  • Never drive into oncoming traffic

Traffic Laws

  • Obey speed limits – usually 40-60 km/hr in cities
  • Running red lights can result in steep fines
  • Yield right-of-way when required

Etiquette for Passing & Turning

  • Carefully pass slower vehicles on left
  • Use turn signals well in advance
  • Watch for vehicles joining from side streets

Defensive Driving Tips for Binh Dinh

Ride cautiously by:

Be Alert

  • Constantly scan road ahead and behind you
  • Pay attention to other vehicles’ movements

Look Out for Hazards

  • Watch for people, animals, potholes, debris
  • Brake early when needed

Manage Speed & Distance

  • Moderate speed allows time to react
  • Maintain safe following distance

Defensive habits dramatically reduce risk on Vietnamese roads.

Route Planning & Navigation

Plan routes carefully:

Study Route & Use Maps

  • Research directions and road conditions beforehand
  • Have backup paper map in case devices fail

Allow Ample Time

  • Don’t overload the itinerary
  • Build in plenty of time so you aren’t rushed

Apps & Power Banks

  • Download offline map data on Google Maps,, etc
  • Bring portable phone charger/power bank

Thorough route preparation provides peace of mind while riding.

Gas Stations & Refueling

With limited gas stations in rural Binh Dinh, fuel planning is key:

Locating Stations

  • Mark station locations on map
  • Ask locals for recommendations in remote areas

Payment Methods

  • Most stations accept credit cards or cash
  • Agree on price before pumping to avoid scams

Proper Refueling

  • Turn off engine, put down kickstand at pump
  • Avoid spilling gas on hot motorbike parts

Plan ahead so you don’t run out of gas in isolated spots.

Secure Parking Tips

Take precautions when leaving your motorbike parked:

Use Designated Lots

  • Park only in approved areas, not on sidewalks
  • Don’t obstruct traffic flow

Lock Up Properly

  • Use provided lock plus your own if possible
  • Secure both wheel and frame to fixed object

Don’t Leave Valuables

  • Take helmets, bags, belongings with you
  • Don’t leave anything unattended with the bike

Proper parking prevents theft and damage.

What to Do in an Accident

If an accident occurs:

Move to Safety

  • Get yourself and bike out of traffic flow
  • Turn on hazards and sound horn to warn others

Notify Police

  • Contact police promptly so they can file a report

Exchange Information

  • Get license details, insurance data from other parties

Follow procedures to get the documentation needed to resolve issues properly.

Returning the Motorbike

To wrap up your rental:

Check Condition

  • Inspect for new damage not previously recorded
  • Have shop sign that it occurred during rental

Refuel Bike

  • Return with same fuel level unless policy says otherwise
  • Fill up near return location

Get Receipt & Deposit

  • Keep receipt as proof of proper return
  • Don’t leave until full deposit is returned

Following this rental return checklist avoids surprises and fees.

Final Motorbike Safety Tips

To stay safe on your motorbike adventure in Binh Dinh:

Defensive Driving

  • Drive cautiously and anticipate hazards
  • Monitor speed and distance between vehicles

Don’t Drink & Drive

  • Consuming alcohol severely impairs riding abilities
  • Don’t ever operate any vehicle after drinking

Enjoy the Ride!

  • Stop often to take photos, eat, rest
  • Take in the gorgeous scenery of Binh Dinh province

Ride defensively, focus on the journey, and get ready for an incredible motorbiking experience across Vietnam’s scenic Binh Dinh province! Follow this guide for a safe, affordable, and unforgettable trip. The open road awaits – let’s hit it!

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renting and driving a motorbike allows you to fully immerse yourself in the natural beauty, cultures, and hidden gems of Binh Dinh, Vietnam. By selecting the right bike, wearing proper gear, studying traffic rules, riding defensively, and securing your parked vehicle, you can ensure an epic and safe motorbiking adventure. Just be sure to inspect your rental thoroughly, watch your speed, allow ample time, refuel regularly, and take precautionary measures. Follow the tips outlined above for the experience of a lifetime exploring gorgeous Binh Dinh province on two wheels. Cruise breathtaking coastal roads, weave through mountain valleys, and soak up the hospitality of small towns. Vietnam’s open roads brim with discovery, so start your engine and enjoy the ride – safely!

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