Motorbike Rental in Ninh Thuan: Best Practices and Tips

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Ninh Thuan, located in south-central Vietnam, is an ideal destination for renting a motorbike and embarking on an open-road adventure. With its mix of coastal routes, mountainous landscapes, rural villages and intriguing cultural sights, Ninh Thuan offers motorbike travelers plenty of opportunities for memorable road trips.

Renting a motorbike and exploring Ninh Thuan on two wheels allows you to travel at your own pace, stop spontaneously, and get an up-close look at daily life. However, to ensure the best and safest motorbike rental experience, it’s important to follow some best practices. Below are tips for finding a reputable rental company, driving safety, suggested routes, where to stay, and how to make the most of your motorbike journey in Ninh Thuan.

Overview of Motorbike Rental in Ninh Thuan

Motorbike rentals are easily available across Ninh Thuan province, particularly in the largest city, Phan Rang. Rental prices typically range from 100,000 to 150,000 VND per day ($4-7 USD).

Popular Motorbike Rental Locations

The most convenient places to rent motorbikes are:

  • Phan Rang city – Several rental shops are clustered on Nguyen Thong street downtown. Many hotels can also arrange bike rentals.
  • Ninh Chu beach – Motorbikes can be rented along the main beach road and from hotels.
  • Nui Chua National Park – Motorbikes are available near the park entrance in Ninh Hai township.

Types of Motorbikes for Rent

Typical motorbikes for rent are:

  • Manual geared – Ranging from 100-125cc, these give you full control. Good for confident riders.
  • Automatic – Easy for beginners to operate. Limited to speeds under 60 km/h.
  • Off-road/trails – For exploring mountain trails. More expensive but durable.

Cost of Rentals

  • Manual geared bikes – 100,000 to 130,000 VND per day
  • Automatic bikes – 110,000 to 150,000 VND per day
  • Off-road bikes – 150,000 to 300,000 VND per day

Rentals are usually cheapest for 3-7 day periods. Longer rentals of 2 weeks or more offer big discounts.

Safety Regulations

  • Must have an International Driving Permit (IDP) or Vietnamese license
  • Required to wear a helmet at all times
  • Observe all traffic laws
  • Most rental companies require you to pay for any damage to the bike

Finding a Reputable Rental Company

With dozens of motorbike rental companies to choose from, it pays to do your research. Here are tips for finding a reputable operator:

Research Online Reviews

  • Check recent reviews on Google Maps, TripAdvisor and travel forums
  • Look for companies with consistently good ratings and feedback

Ask Locals for Recommendations

  • Hotel staff are a great resource to suggest reliable companies
  • Ask expats living in the area for rental referrals

Check Condition of Motorbikes

  • Inspect bikes thoroughly before renting
  • Test drive around the block
  • Reject any bikes that feel unsafe

Read Rental Contracts Carefully

  • Verify your liability, insurance coverage and payment terms
  • Negotiate any unacceptable clauses if possible

Taking time to find a reputable rental company will give you peace of mind during your motorbike adventure in Ninh Thuan.

Best Times to Visit Ninh Thuan

Ninh Thuan has a dry, sunny climate year-round. However, the best time for motorbike trips are:

Dry Season (January to August)

  • Little chance of rain to hamper riding
  • Pleasant temperatures around 27°C
  • Ocean breezes keep coastal areas comfortable

Avoiding Peak Crowds

  • Vietnamese holidays draw big crowds (Tet, Labor Day, National Day)
  • November to January is peak domestic tourism season
  • August and September offer fewer tourists and lower hotel prices

With Ninh Thuan’s agreeable weather, any time can be a good time for a motorbike journey. Just research festival dates and plan accordingly.

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Top Destinations for Motorbike Trips

Ninh Thuan offers terrific variety for motorbike tours. Here are some top destinations to include on your itinerary:

Phan Rang City

  • Fascinating Cham culture sights like Po Klong Garai Tower
  • Quirky Dragon Fruit Research Institute
  • Photo ops at conical shaped Nui Ba mountain

Ninh Chu Beach

  • 10km long sweeping bay, popular for swimming
  • Fresh and affordable seafood restaurants
  • Stunning sunrises and sunsets

Vinh Hy Bay

  • Dramatic stone cliffs and ocean vistas
  • Seafood market with restaurants at Van Thanh fishing village
  • Quiet coastal roads ideal for cruising

Nui Chua National Park

  • Otherworldly sand dunes and lotus lagoons
  • Hiking to top of Nui Chua mountain
  • Spotting black-faced spoonbills and other rare birds

Ninh Thuan’s compact size allows you to easily mix-and-match destinations for a fulfilling motorbike journey.

Packing Tips

When renting a motorbike in Ninh Thuan, some essential items to pack include:

Sun Protection

  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and lightweight helmets guard against UV exposure
  • Light, breathable clothing helps keep you cool
  • Lip balm prevents chapped lips in arid conditions

Extra Fuel

Some rural roads have limited petrol stations, so bring:

  • Reserve fuel in a plastic bottle
  • Funnel and rag for refueling

Tools and Spare Parts

Carry basics like:

  • Tire pump and puncture repair kit
  • Adjustable wrench, screwdrivers, spark plugs
  • Headlight, taillight and turn signal bulbs

Offline Maps

Ninh Thuan’s rural roads are ever-changing. Offline maps help navigate:

  • “” app lets you pre-download maps for offline use
  • Bring a paper map as backup

Packing properly prepares you for any mechanical issues or road conditions ahead.

Driving Safety

Riding safely should be your top priority when motorbiking through Ninh Thuan. Key safety tips include:

Obey Speed Limits

  • Stick to speed limits, typically 40-60 km/hr in towns
  • Slow down on bumpy rural back roads

Defensive Driving

  • Expect other vehicles to make sudden moves
  • Cover brakes and watch for hazards ahead

Watch for Animals Crossing

  • Domestic animals roam freely, especially at night
  • Slow down when passing through villages

Carry a First Aid Kit

  • Helps treat minor injuries from falls
  • Includes disinfectant, bandages and ointments

Observing these safety measures will help ensure a trouble-free journey.

Best Routes for Scenic Drives

Ninh Thuan’s landscapes lend themselves to marvelous motorbike road trips. Here are some of the best driving routes:

Coastal Roads

  • Highway 1A between Phan Rang and Ninh Chu/Vinh Hy – follows the shoreline with ocean vistas
  • Road DT719 from Vinh Hy to Khanh Hoa – quiet coastal route through fishing villages

Mountain Roads

  • Highway 27 from Ninh Phuoc to Nui Chua National Park – climbs over hills with lush views
  • Road DT702 to Po Ro Me tower – twisting mountain road to 10th century Cham tower

Small Countryside Roads

  • Around My Nghiep village – farmland and dragon fruit orchards
  • North of Phan Rang to Thap Cham – rural life and interesting temples

Mixing coastal, mountain and countryside riding makes for an epic motorbike adventure.

Where to Stay Overnight

One of the joys of motorbiking through Ninh Thuan is discovering places to stay overnight along your route. Recommended lodging includes:

Beach Bungalows

  • That Xuyen, Binh Tien – basic rooms right on deserted beaches
  • Ninh Chu Bungalow – beachfront with bar and restaurant


  • Ninh Phuoc – experience local life by staying in villages
  • Thai An – lodging inside giant clay jars!


  • Nui Chua National Park – pitch a tent under the stars
  • Lake Nau Ruou – shallow saltwater lake perfect for swimming

With plentiful budget lodgings, you can take an unplanned, flexible approach to overnight stops.

Making the Most of Your Motorbike Rental

Avoid sticking to a strict schedule during your Ninh Thuan motorbike trip. Instead, embrace spontaneity and these tips:

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Talk to Locals

  • Ask for scenic driving recommendations
  • Get invited to meals and celebrations
  • Learn about history and culture

Eat at Roadside Stalls

  • Taste regional specialties like banh canh cha ca
  • Discover freshly caught seafood
  • Sample tropical fruit direct from farms

Visit Small Villages

  • Experience daily Vietnamese life first-hand
  • Get insight into Cham culture in rural areas
  • Meet craftspeople and fishermen

By staying open-minded, you’ll gain memorable experiences beyond the typical tourist destinations.

Renting a motorbike opens up Ninh Thuan’s backroads and communities for an unforgettable adventure. Following these tips will help you make the most of the freedom – and stay safe while doing so. Cruising along coastal roads, gears grinding uphill through mountain scenery, stopping for snapshots amid rice paddies – a motorbike journey through Ninh Thuan promises to be the highlight of your Vietnam travels.

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