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Kon Tum is one of Vietnam’s most scenic and culturally vibrant provinces. Located in the Central Highlands region, it draws visitors with its dramatic mountain landscapes, lush forests, and unique indigenous cultures. Renting a motorbike is the perfect way to explore Kon Tum like a local and discover its hidden gems at your own pace. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know, from choosing the right bike to planning safe riding routes and top attractions not to miss.

Reasons to Rent a Motorbike in Kon Tum

Renting a motorbike unlocks an adventurous, flexible way to explore Kon Tum. Here are the top reasons to go for a rental bike over other transportation options:

Freedom and Flexibility

A rental motorbike gives you the freedom to roam across Kon Tum on your own schedule. With your own set of wheels, you can venture off the tourist trail and stop wherever captures your interest. You’re not limited to fixed bus or tour routes and schedules. Motorbikes allow you to zigzag at your leisure.

Experience the Region’s Beauty

Motorbikes let you fully experience Kon Tum’s incredible scenery and landscapes. Cruising winding mountain roads, you’ll be immersed in lush forests, pass vibrant rice terraces, and have panoramic views from mountain summits. Traveling by motorbike brings you closer to nature.

Cost-Effective Transportation

In comparison to hiring a private car and driver, renting a motorbike is an affordable way to explore. For solo travelers or couples, renting a motorbike can work out cheaper than a tour. The region also has relatively low fuel costs. With strategic route planning, a motorbike rental provides an economical and convenient form of transport.

Researching Motorbike Rental Companies

With several options in Kon Tum, it’s worth researching rental companies for the best fit. Here are key factors to consider:

Location and Proximity to Key Sites

Look for a rental shop conveniently located near the center of Kon Tum City, hotels or bus station. This provides easy access when first picking up your bike. Optimal locations near main highways allow quick transit to key regional attractions like Chư Mom Ray National Park.

Reputation and Reviews

Read reviews on travel sites and forums to gauge the reputation of rental companies. Look for positive feedback on their vehicles’ condition, customer service, pricing, and responsiveness. Reviews from past travelers provide valuable insights.

Rental Rates and Payment Options

Compare rental rates between shops for the best value. Most rent motorbikes by the day or multiple days for a weekly/monthly rate. Ask if discounts are available for longer rentals. Also confirm what forms of payment they accept, including credit cards.

Choosing the Right Motorbike

Kon Tum’s varied terrain means it’s crucial to select an appropriate bike for safety and comfort. Consider these factors:

Engine Size and Power

For seasoned riders tackling steep, long-distance mountain roads, choose a more powerful motorbike of 150cc engine size or higher. Beginners and shorter city journeys are suited to automatic 110cc bikes with less torque.

Motorbike Type (Manual vs. Automatic)

Manual motorbikes are the norm in Vietnam, letting you change gears manually for specific riding conditions. For those without experience, automatic bikes are easier to manage. Some shops rent both manual and automatic.

Added Features (Luggage Storage, Fuel Tank, etc.)

Look for a bike with adequate luggage racks if carrying bags/backpacks. Check the fuel tank capacity to determine range limits between fill-ups. Other useful features include retractable foot pegs, phone chargers, and rain covers.

Safety Gear and Equipment

Vietnam mandates helmet use when riding a motorbike. Invest in additional protective gear for safety:


Choose a full face helmet with a clear visor that meets safety standards. Try it on for good fit and comfort on longer rides. Well-fitting helmets stay securely in place.

Protective Jacket and Pants

Look for a lightweight, breathable and weather-resistant jacket with chest, elbow and spine armor. Riding pants with knee pads provide abrasion protection. Pair with gloves and boots.

Gloves and Boots

Full-fingered gloves improve grip and prevent hand injuries in falls. Sturdy boots over ankle protect from debris and burns. Proper footwear also makes it easier to hold up a heavy bike at stops.

Licensing and Documentation

Before renting, ensure you have the right licenses and paperwork:

International vs. Local License

Most shops accept a valid International Driving Permit (IDP) alongside your home country license. Obtain an IDP before arrival to avoid bureaucratic hassles.

Insurance Requirements

Confirm mandatory minimum insurance is included in the rental rate. Additional premium coverage for damage liability is wise for peace of mind. Review all insurance provisions carefully.

Other Necessary Paperwork

Bring your passport, Vietnam visa, IDP and home license. A refundable deposit is required. You may have to sign rental contracts agreeing to conditions and traffic laws.

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Planning Your Riding Route

Flexibility is a motorbike’s advantage. Tailor your route to match time, interests and riding ability. Top spots near Kon Tum City include:

Kon Tum City and Surrounds

Explore Kon Tum’s city center, wooden Bahnar houses and colonial-era sites. Ride out to nearby villages like Plei Ốp where locals make woven brocade. Don’t miss the iconic Kon Tum Wooden Church.

Rural Villages and Natural Areas

Head to unspoiled rural areas like Kon Plong, home of the Mơ Nâm ethnic minority. Visit traditional longhouses and experience village life. Ride through forests and mountains around Chư Mom Ray Park.

Dak Glei and Ngoc Hoi Districts

Go further afield to see elephant sanctuaries, rivers, and waterfalls. The scenic Dakbla River makes for great motorbiking. Ngoc Hoi is dotted with ancient Lak churches and traditional villages.

Best Practices for Safe Riding

As thrilling as motorbiking is, safety should be the number one priority:

Defensive Driving

Assume other vehicles don’t see you. Ride cautiously, look out for sudden lane changes, and keep safe braking distances. Drive slower than you would a car.

Reading Road Conditions

Stay alert to uneven or slippery surfaces, debris, and other road hazards. Reduce speed accordingly and increase following distance. Lean away from oncoming traffic.

Emergency Preparation

Keep essentials like a flashlight, first aid kit and phone charger on hand. Know your route and points for seeking help if needed. Share your plans with someone.

Top Sites and Attractions to Visit

Beyond Kon Tum City, top destinations include:

Traditional Wooden Kon Tum Houses

Unique to the region, these stilt homes showcase Bahnar minority craftsmanship with carved wood and thatched roofs. Visit villages like Plei Ốp to glimpse traditional lifestyles.

Kontum Indoor Stadium

This impressive stadium has hosted sporting events, concerts and exhibitions. Stop by to admire its striking wooden design fusing Bahnar influences and modern architecture.

Dakbla River

This pristine river offers idyllic motorbiking with bamboo bridges, ethnic minority villages and jungle scenery along its banks. Go for a scenic loop ride between Dak To and Ngoc Hoi.

Where to Eat Along the Way

One of the joys of motorbiking is stopping for sustenance when hungry. Don’t miss trying:

Local Dishes and Ingredients

Kon Tum is renowned for delicious indigenous dishes like charbroiled Dakbla pork with local herbs, bamboo shoot soup, and corn wine.

Street Food Stalls and Markets

Pull over at open-air food stalls along your route for cheap, authentic eats. Explore local markets brimming with tropical fruit, fresh vegetables, spices and cooked treats.

Highland Coffee Shops

Recharge with rich Vietnamese coffee at the Central Highlands’ renowned local cafes. Fuel up on their coffee before continuing your motorbike adventure.

Finding Accommodation

With flexibility of your own transport, you can take lodging options into consideration:

Hotels and Homestays

In Kon Tum City, hotels range from budget guesthouses to mid-range and luxury hotels. For cultural immersion, spend a night at a rural Bahnar homestay.

Camping in Rural Areas

One of the charms of motorbiking is the ability to reach remote natural spots. Pitch a tent and sleep under the stars in secluded mountain and forest areas.

Guesthouses and Hostels

Travelers’ hangouts in regional towns have dorms, private rooms and social atmospheres. Meet other motorbikers to swap route tips.

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Making the Most of Your Motorbike Adventure

Lastly, here are tips to fully enjoy your motorbiking freedom across Kon Tum:

Talking to Locals

Stop to chat to friendly locals in the places you visit. Ask for sightseeing tips and learn about daily life. Discover hole-in-the-wall eateries.

Stopping for Photos

Pull over often to capture Vietnam’s incredible landscapes. Frame rice paddy panoramas, majestic mountain vistas and shots posing with your bike.

Enjoying Freedom of Open Roads

Most of all, embrace the freedom and natural adventure of self-directed travel by motorbike through Vietnam’s captivating Central Highlands region.

Renting a motorbike opens up Kon Tum’s magic in ways cars and buses can’t. Follow this guide to choose the perfect bike, gear up with safety equipment, plan your routes, and make the most of your motorbiking journey through this spectacular region. Wheels down and ride on to experience Kon Tum like a true local!

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