Discover Dak Nong at Your Own Pace with Motorbike Rental: A Guide

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Nestled in Vietnam’s Central Highlands region, Dak Nong province remains an under-the-radar destination for many travelers. With its rugged landscapes, lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and unique hill tribe culture, Dak Nong offers an off-the-beaten-path experience like no other. One of the best ways to explore this province’s hidden gems is by renting a motorbike, allowing you to traverse winding mountain roads and discover breathtaking vistas at your own pace. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to rent a motorbike in Dak Nong and embark on an unforgettable adventure.

Overview of Dak Nong Province

Before delving into motorbike rental details, let’s overview some key facts about Dak Nong province:

Location and Geography

  • Located in Vietnam’s Central Highlands region
  • Shares borders with Lam Dong, Binh Phuoc, and Gia Lai provinces
  • Covers an area of over 6,500 sq km
  • Terrain is mountainous with rolling hills, rivers, lakes and waterfalls
  • Elevations range from 200 to 800 meters above sea level

Climate and Best Times to Visit

  • Tropical monsoon climate with wet and dry seasons
  • Wet season from May to October
  • Dry season from November to April is best for visiting
  • Temperatures range from 17°C to 30°C year-round

Main Attractions and Activities

  • Trekking through lush forests and valleys
  • Exploring minority villages and cultures
  • Relaxing at riverside resorts
  • Swimming at waterfalls like Dray Nur and Dray Sap
  • Discovering coffee plantations
  • Visiting historical relics from Vietnam War

Benefits of Renting a Motorbike

Renting a motorbike offers several advantages for exploring Dak Nong at your own pace:

Freedom and Flexibility

A motorbike rental gives you the freedom to travel independently wherever you want, whenever you want. You’re not constrained by group tour schedules or public transport routes and timetables. Ride off the beaten path and stop to enjoy sights along the way.


Renting a motorbike can be significantly cheaper than hiring a car and driver or booking group tours. The more places you visit, the more cost-effective motorbike rental becomes. You also won’t waste money backtracking to destinations.


Two wheels are far more convenient for navigating winding mountain roads than a four-wheeled vehicle. Parking and turning around is easier too. Avoid traffic jams and crowded tourist sites by arriving early or late in the day.

Immersive Experience

Motorbiking brings you closer to the sights, sounds and smells of Dak Nong. Interact more closely with locals and feel part of your surroundings. A motorbike adventure makes for an unforgettable trip.

Types of Motorbikes Available for Rent

Dak Nong has a wide selection of motorbike types to meet diverse travel needs and budgets:

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Manual Motorbikes

  • Models like Honda Wins, Yamaha Nouvos, etc.
  • Gear shifts operated manually
  • Rental rates around $5-10 USD per day
  • Best for confident riders covering long distances

Automatic Motorbikes

  • Models such as Honda Airblades, Yamaha Jupiters, etc.
  • No manual gear shifting required
  • Rental rates around $7-15 USD per day
  • Ideal for less experienced riders

Scooters and Mopeds

  • Compact 2-wheeled bikes with small engines
  • Limited power but very fuel efficient
  • Rental rates around $3-7 USD per day
  • Suitable for short distances and easy riding

Off-Road/Dirt Bikes

  • Heavy-duty bikes designed for rugged terrain
  • Knobby tires, high clearance, shock absorbers
  • Rental rates from $15-25+ USD per day
  • For advanced riders wanting remote backroads

Where to Rent Motorbikes in Dak Nong

Several options exist for renting motorbikes across Dak Nong province:

Hotels and Resorts

Many hotels and resorts offer motorbike rental services, especially in Dak Nong’s main towns like Gia Nghia and Dak Mil. Rates are often discounted for in-house guests.

Local Motorbike Shops and Dealerships

Local motorbike shops rent different types of bikes and scooters for reasonable rates. Building relationships with owners can mean better deals.

Travel Agencies and Tour Operators

Reputable agencies like Dak Nong Tourist arrange motorbike rentals with helmets, locks, maintenance, etc. included. Useful for tourists needing support.

Wherever you rent, inspect motorbikes thoroughly beforehand. Check tires, mirrors, lights, brakes, petrol levels and look for damage. Test drive bikes around the block if possible.

Motorbike Rental Rates and Payment

Here’s an overview of typical motorbike rental rates and payment procedures in Dak Nong:

Rental Rates per Day/Week

  • Manual motorbikes: $5-10 USD per day, $25-50 USD per week
  • Automatic motorbikes: $7-15 USD per day, $35-75 USD per week
  • Scooters/mopeds: $3-7 USD per day, $15-35 USD per week
  • Dirt bikes: $15-25+ USD per day

Lower weekly rates offer savings for longer rentals. High season rates may be 10-20% more.

Deposits and Insurance

  • Refundable deposit of around $50-200 USD required
  • Optional insurance costs extra around $5-10 USD daily
  • Insist on written rental contracts outlining fees, deposits, damages policies etc.

Payment Methods

  • Most vendors accept cash payment in VND or USD
  • Some hotels/agencies accept credit cards or PayPal
  • Avoid prepaying full rental until you inspect motorbike

Motorbike Rental Documentation

To legally ride a motorbike in Vietnam, you’ll need:

International Driver’s License

  • Official IDP translation of your home license
  • Valid for 3-12 months depending on issuing country
  • Required for non-Vietnamese renters

Passport and Visa

  • Passport must be valid for duration of your stay
  • Visa must allow motorbike riding in Vietnam
  • E-visas usually don’t permit riding motorbikes

Other Paperwork

  • Rental agreement from motorbike provider
  • Receipts/documentation of payments
  • Valid vehicle registration and insurance papers

Consult rental companies to ensure you have proper documentation to avoid legal issues.

Safety Tips for Riding in Dak Nong

Dak Nong’s winding roads and varied terrain call for extra caution:

Obey Traffic Laws

Adhere to speed limits, lane markings, traffic signals and laws. Fines for violations are steep. Ride defensively and be alert.

Defensive Driving

Anticipate and expect the unexpected. Scan for hazards like potholes, debris, animals, pedestrians. Give space to erratic drivers.

Protective Gear

Always wear a DOT or SNELL certified helmet. Consider gloves, jacket, pants and boots too. Gear protects against falls and road rash.

Check Motorbike Condition

Inspect tires, lights, brakes, mirrors, chains and fuel. Ensure motorbikes are well-maintained. Carry tools for emergency repairs.

Practice extra care in wet conditions when roads get slippery. Refrain from night riding when possible. Prioritize safety over speed or convenience.

Recommended Routes and Itineraries

Dak Nong offers limitless routing possibilities. Here are some potential 2-3 day motorbike itineraries:

Northern Loop from Gia Nghi

  • Gia Nghia → Dak Nia → Nhan Co → Dak Mil → Return to Gia Nghia
  • Attractions: minority villages, waterfalls, lakes, war relics
  • Gia Nghia → Nam Dong → Du Son → Trang Pha pass → Return to Gia Nghia
  • Attractions: coffee plantations, pristine nature, scenic mountain pass
  • Gia Nghia → Nam Tuong → Buon Choah → Dak Glong → Return to Gia Nghia
  • Attractions: ancient towers, minority markets and costumes

Southern Loop from Buon Ho Town

  • Buon Ho → Ea Knuec → Buon Don → Ea Pok → Return to Buon Ho
  • Attractions: Jarai villages, Dray Sap waterfall, ethnic culture
  • Buon Ho → Krong No → Buon Ma Thuot City → Return to Buon Ho
  • Attractions: Krong No rice terraces, Central Highlands capital
  • Buon Ho → Dak Djrăng → Tuy Duc → Da Dung Lake → Return to Buon Ho
  • Attractions: traditional longhouses, Tuy Duc waterfall, lakeside relaxation

Adjust distances and extensions based on your energy levels. Leave ample time to account for stops. Check road conditions and weather forecasts.

Packing and Preparation

Proper preparation prevents problems during your motorbike adventure:

Clothing and Riding Gear

  • Helmet – legally required and essential for safety
  • Eye protection like sunglasses/goggles
  • Face mask for dust and pollution
  • Lightweight, breathable jackets and pants
  • Comfortable shoes with grip
  • Waterproof gear during rainy season

Tools and Spare Parts

  • Motorbike repair toolkit (wrenches, jumper cables, duct tape)
  • Spare inner tube, patch kit, portable air pump
  • Engine oil, fuel canister, headlight/taillight bulbs
  • Bungee cords, zip ties, rags, gloves

First Aid Supplies

  • Antiseptic, gauze, bandages, tape
  • Pain relievers, anti-inflammatories
  • Motion sickness tablets
  • Electrolyte powders/tablets

Snacks and Water

Stay energized and hydrated, especially in Dak Nong’s heat. Pack non-perishable snacks like nuts, protein bars and dried fruit. Carry several liters of water.

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Finding Accommodation

Dak Nong offers diverse lodging options:


  • Mostly located in main towns
  • Standards range from budget to 4-5 star
  • Amenities like pools, restaurants, WiFi
  • Advance reservations recommended


  • Affordable stays in local homes
  • Experience authentic culture
  • Limited amenities but local hospitality
  • Best to book day before


  • Pitch a tent at campgrounds or parks
  • Provides flexibility and nature immersion
  • Budget-friendly but less comfortable

Other Options

  • Guesthouses, boutique stays, eco-lodges
  • Book via sites like, Agoda,

Read reviews and compare locations, rates and amenities when booking. Multi-day tours may include accommodation.


From winding coastal roads to misty mountain highlands, a motorbike journey through Dak Nong opens up a wealth of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. With this comprehensive guide, you can confidently rent a bike, gear up with essentials, and customize your own Dak Nong adventure. Cruise past panoramic vistas and revel in the freedom of the open road. Let Dak Nong’s natural and cultural treasures unfold at the perfect pace – yours! The open road beckons: it’s time to start your engines and let the Dak Nong discoveries begin.

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