Dak Lak Motorbike Rental: Unlock the City’s Hidden Gems

Dak Lak motorbike rental
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Imagine cruising along open roads through lush forests and rolling coffee plantations, stopping to explore waterfalls, ancient temples, and ethnic minority villages. This is motorbiking in Dak Lak, an adventurous way to unlock the hidden gems of Vietnam’s Central Highlands. Renting a motorbike gives you the freedom and flexibility to discover Dak Lak on your own terms. From city sights to scenic countryside, a motorbike rental opens up a wealth of experiences and allows you to dive deep into the province’s fascinating history, culture, and natural beauty.

Overview of Dak Lak Province

Dak Lak Province is located in Vietnam’s Central Highlands region, with its capital of Buon Ma Thuot situated about 300 km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City. Surrounded by mountains and forests, Dak Lak spans over 13,000 sq km across the lush central plateau between the coast and Vietnam’s western border.

The province’s major cities include Buon Ma Thuot, Buon Ho, and Ea H’leo, each offering a mix of urban attractions and gateways to outdoor adventures. Major waterways include the Serepok and Krong Ana Rivers, while cavernous gorges, thundering waterfalls, and pristine lakes dot the landscape.

Historically home to various indigenous groups, Dak Lak was sparsely populated until Vietnamese and ethnic minority migration during the 20th century. Coffee and tea plantations established during French colonial rule transformed Dak Lak into a major agriculture hub. Today it’s Vietnam’s leading coffee producer, along with significant production of pepper, cashews, and fruits.

Benefits of Renting a Motorbike

Motorbiking is arguably the best way to experience Dak Lak’s riches. Renting a motorbike provides numerous advantages over joining group tours or relying on public transportation.

Freedom and Flexibility

Having your own set of wheels means the freedom to roam wherever you please. Design your own itinerary, modify it spontaneously, and linger as long as you like at sites. With a motorbike, you’re not tied to someone else’s schedule or itinerary.


Independent motorbike rental is cheaper than taking group tours. You also save money on transportation costs like taxis or hired cars and drivers. The more ground you cover, the more a rental pays for itself.

Immersive Experience

Motorbiking immerses you in the sights, sounds, and smells of Vietnam’s landscapes. Getting around like a local, you’ll have opportunities to interact with people and discover places not featured in guidebooks. Zooming along backroads and winding mountain passes, motorbiking brings Vietnam’s landscapes to life.

Types of Motorbikes Available

Dak Lak has rental shops offering a range of motorbikes to meet diverse needs and experience levels. Consider these factors when choosing your ride:

Manual vs. Automatic

Manual bikes require shifting gears manually, which takes some practice, while automatic bikes shift gears automatically like a scooter. Automatics are easier for beginners, but manuals provide more control.

Engine Sizes

Common engine sizes are 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, and higher. Larger engines have more power but may be more expensive and use more fuel. 110-125cc are fine for flat areas, while 150cc+ is better for the mountains.

Extra Features

Look for bikes with useful add-ons like saddle bags to store items, phone chargers, and crash bars to protect the engine. For long distances, bigger windscreens provide better wind protection.

Safety Tips for Motorbiking

Vietnam’s roads can be challenging, so observe these tips for a safe, smooth ride:

Vietnam Road Rules

Learn the local road rules, traffic patterns, and common signs/markings before riding. Defensive techniques are key. Keep right except to pass. Yield to bigger vehicles.

Defensive Driving

Assume other drivers may do unpredictable things. Ride cautiously, keep space around you, signal turns, and watch for hazards. Use your horn liberally to make your presence known.

Emergency Preparedness

Have emergency numbers, a first aid kit, spare parts/tools, and rain gear with you. Know how to do basic repairs like changing tires. Carry enough fuel and don’t ride after dark if possible.

Top Destinations to Explore

With your motorbike wheels ready to roll, here are top spots to hit in Dak Lak:

Lak Lake

This stunning freshwater lake is surrounded by rolling hills and home to minority villages. Ride around the lake, go fishing, visit Jun village, and spend a night in a traditional longhouse.

Elephant Waterfalls

This breathtaking waterfall complex with seven levels is best seen in the rainy season. The hike down offers scenic pools, jungle trails, and minority village encounters.

Coffee Plantations

Dak Lak is renowned for its coffee. Tour plantations like Trung Nguyen and taste the exceptional brews grown locally in the rich volcanic soil.

Minority Villages

Experience the unique cultures of Dak Lak’s M’Nong, E De, Tay, and Nguyen ethnic minority groups by visiting their rural villages. Marvel at rice terraces, learn weaving and crafts, and more.

Hidden Gems Off the Beaten Path

Venture outside Dak Lak’s main tourist sights and you’ll be rewarded with hidden treats. Here are some to discover:

Buon Ma Thuot Countryside

Meander along backroads through quintessential Vietnamese rural landscapes. Stop to photograph vibrant rice paddies, fruit orchards, traditional wooden houses, and grazing water buffalo.

Ancient Temples

Discover fading relics of the Champa Kingdom like Buon Don Sun Temple dating back to the 9th century. Built with red bricks, it’s dedicated to the Hindu goddess Po Yanar.

Waterfalls and Lakes

In addition to Elephant Falls, soak in the majesty of plunging cascades like Gia Long, Dray Nur, and Dray Sap waterfalls. Kayak across the jade waters of lakes like Ea Kao and Lak Trong.

Local Farms and Markets

Pull over at family-run pepper/coffee farms and get invited in for a taste. Don’t miss Dak Lak’s colorful markets brimming with fruits, fabrics, and mountain produce.

Where to Eat Along the Way

One of the joys of motorbiking is stopping for sustenance anytime hunger strikes. Keep your strength up to explore with mouthwatering local cuisine:

Local Specialty Dishes

Try regional delicacies like com lam (rice cooked in bamboo), thang co (soup with horse meat and innards), and peppery stir fries and curries.

Authentic Vietnamese

Fill up on classics like pho noodle soup, banh mi sandwiches, fresh spring rolls, and strong Vietnamese coffee.

Coffee Shops and Cafes

Reenergize at the many cool cafes serving robust local coffee from the Central Highlands’ rich beans.

Where to Stay

With Dak Lak’s diverse landscapes, there’s accommodations for every travel style. Rest your head at:

Hotels in Main Cities

Buon Ma Thuot, Buon Ho, and Ea H’leo have modern hotels with swimming pools, restaurants, and creature comforts.

Homestays and Farm Stays

For cultural immersion, spend a night at a minority village homestay or in a tradtional longhouse. Some coffee plantations also offer farm stays.


For the ultimate connection to nature, pull off the road and pitch a tent beside waterfalls, lakes, and hilltops. Remember to leave no trace.

When to Go

Dak Lak’s weather varies by altitude and season, so time your ride wisely:

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Dry vs. Rainy Season

November to April brings cooler, drier weather optimal for motorbiking. May through October sees higher heat, humidity, and rain showers.

Major Festivals and Events

Hit festivals like the Flower Festival in Buon Ma Thuot each March or the Elephant Race Festival each September.

Peak Tourist Seasons

December to January draws more Vietnamese tourists. April, May, September, and October are also busy. For fewer crowds, visit during the hot rainy season.

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Motorbike Rental Companies

Rent from reputable shops to ensure you get well-maintained bikes and good service. Ask about:

Quality Motorbikes

Inspect bikes thoroughly beforehand. Test drive and make sure brakes, lights, tires, etc are in good order. Favor shops with newer fleets.

Insurance and Extras

Required liability insurance is usually included. Opt for comprehensive coverage too. Request helmets, rain gear, maps, tools, and phone chargers.


Some shops offer add-on guided tours to top area sights if you don’t want to fully DIY your experience. Multi-day tours with accommodation are also available.


A motorbike journey through Dak Lak reveals a part of Vietnam few tourists experience. Waterfalls, lakes, rice terraces, coffee plantations, minority villages – Dak Lak’s natural and cultural riches astound. With wind in your hair and open road before you, motorbiking gives the freedom to soak it all in on your own improvised adventure. Unlock Dak Lak’s hidden gems – rent a motorbike today and let the Central Highlands magic unfold.

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