The Insider’s Guide to Motorbike Rental in Long An

Motorbike rental in Long An
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Motorbike rental in Long An province is the ideal way to explore this beautiful region of Vietnam. With an abundance of scenic roads passing through rice fields, coastal villages, highlands, and historic sites, having your own set of wheels gives you the freedom to discover places most tourists never experience. This insider’s guide provides everything you need to know to rent a motorbike and embark on an unforgettable journey across Long An.

Overview of Motorbike Rental in Long An

Long An has a wide range of motorbike rental options to suit different budgets and needs. Here are some key things to know about renting a motorbike in Long An:

Popular motorbike rental companies

  • An Phat Motorbike – Local company with good reputation and motorbikes in decent condition. Offers scooters and manual motorbikes.
  • Kim Chi Motorbike Rental – Family-run business renting newer Honda and Yamaha bikes. More expensive but higher quality.
  • Lucky Motorbike Rental – Budget rental shop with older bikes. Cheapest option but motorbikes are more worn.

Types of motorbikes available for rent

  • Scooters – Automatic transmission. Ideal for beginners and shorter distances. Models like Honda Airblade.
  • Manual motorbikes – Gears shifted manually. Better for long distances. Models like Honda Win and Yamaha Nouvo.
  • Dirt bikes/off-road – For rugged terrain. Uncommon and expensive.
  • Motorcycles with sidecars – Unique option for small groups. Harder to find.

Cost of renting a motorbike

  • Scooters – 100,000 to 150,000 VND per day
  • Manual motorbikes – 150,000 to 300,000 VND per day
  • Dirt bikes – 600,000+ VND per day
  • Motorcycles with sidecar – 450,000+ VND per day
  • Discounts for weekly/monthly rentals – 20-40% cheaper for long-term
  • Deposits – Often 1-5 million VND depending on bike value

Laws and Regulations

Before renting and riding, be sure you understand the local laws and requirements:

Driver’s license requirements

  • International Driving Permit strongly recommended. Recognized in Vietnam.
  • If no IDP, must have valid driver’s license from home country showing motorcycle eligibility.
  • Vietnam-issued license also accepted. Can obtain by taking test at Department of Transportation.

Insurance requirements

  • Must have motorbike insurance to legally ride. This is usually included if renting from a shop.
  • If buying own motorbike, must purchase separate insurance. Premiums are about 300,000 VND per year.
  • Insurance will cover cost if accident is your fault, but not damage to bike itself.

Safety laws

  • Mandatory helmet wearing for all riders. Can rent helmets from shop.
  • No riding after drinking alcohol. Strictly enforced and heavy fines if caught.
  • No more than 2 people per motorbike, including children.
  • Must have working headlight, brake light, and turn signals to legally operate after dark.

Where to Rent in Long An

Long An has over 200 motorbike rental shops located across the province. Here are some recommended areas to rent based on your plans:

Rental companies in city centers

The main city centers of Tan An, Vinh Hung, and Kien Tuong have the most rental shops clustered together:

  • Tan An – Provincial capital with widest selection. Located near bus station on Le Loi street.
  • Vinh Hung – Town near Vietnam-Cambodia border crossing. Many shops catering to international tourists.
  • Kien Tuong – Junction town with shops concentrated along Highway 62.

Rental shops near tourist attractions

Renting close to key attractions allows you to start your trip right away:

  • Duc Hue Temple – Beautiful 18th century Buddhist temple. Shops across the street rent bikes.
  • Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary – Wildlife preserve for migratory birds. Rentals available near entrance.
  • Thanh Phuoc Temple – Stunning pagoda on Sam Mountain. Nearby shops rent mountain bikes.

Hotels and resorts with rental services

Some accommodations offer motorbike rental to spare you a trip into town:

  • Emeralda Resort – Upscale beach resort 15 km from Tan An. Rents well-maintained Honda bikes.
  • Phuong Nam Hotel – Newer mid-range hotel in Vinh Hung providing bike rentals.
  • Diep Son Homestay – Budget homestay near paddy fields that rents manual bikes.

Inspecting the Motorbike Before Renting

Before handing over your rental deposit, thoroughly inspect the motorbike for defects:

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Check tires, brakes, lights etc.

Carefully check over these key components:

  • Tires – Sufficient tread, no cracks, bulges, or punctures. Spin the wheels to check for wobbles.
  • Brakes – Test front and back brakes at low speeds. Both should have strong stopping power with no strange noises.
  • Lights – Turn signals, headlight, brake light should all activate when switches flipped.
  • Chains and belts – Chains should have minimal rust and move smoothly. Belts should have no cracking.
  • Mirrors – Mirror glass should be intact with no cracks.

Look for damage

Scan every inch of the motorbike body for:

  • Dents, cracks, rust, or missing pieces of plastic bodywork
  • Leaking oil or fluid puddles under the engine
  • Torn seat or loose seat cushion
  • Scratches, scrapes, chips in the paint
  • Any other physical damage

Test performance on short drive

Take a quick 5-10 minute drive to check:

  • Accelerator and throttle respond smoothly
  • No odd vibrations, grinding or rattling noises
  • Motorbike stays straight, doesn’t pull left or right
  • Brakes work well at higher speeds

What to Bring When Renting

To pickup and rent your motorbike, make sure to bring:

Valid driver’s license

Have your international or home country license showing motorcycle certification available to show the rental shop. Also bring a photocopy as back up.

Deposit amount

Most shops require a monetary deposit, often 1-5 million VND depending on bike value. This is returned when you bring the bike back undamaged. Bring cash, or confirm if they accept credit cards for deposits.

Face mask and sunglasses

Wearing a protective face mask and sunglasses isn’t just for safety – it’s also required by law for anyone riding a motorbike in Vietnam.

Safety Tips for Riding in Long An

Riding a motorbike in Vietnam is very different than driving at home. Follow these tips to stay safe on Long An’s roads:

Obey traffic laws

While traffic rules are not always followed here, you must make every effort to obey local laws. Never assume you can get away with running a red light or making illegal turns – police may stop you and issue fines.

Drive defensively

Motorbikes weave erratically, buses barrel down highways, and cars make sudden U-turns. Drive cautiously, use turn signals, watch your speed, and avoid blind spots.

Wear helmet and closed toe shoes

Your helmet is your lifeline in an accident. Only ride with the chin strap tightly buckled. Wear shoes that completely cover your toes to prevent nasty abrasions if you fall off the bike.

Best Routes for Motorbike Trips in Long An

With an abundance of beautiful backroads beyond the main highways, Long An is a motorbike paradise. Here are some top road trip routes:

Scenic coastal roads

Ride south from Tan Thanh beach down the coastline to Ca Mau and Kien Luong. Pass through fishing villages, salt flats, mangrove forests and shrimp farms.

Roads through rice fields and rural villages

Meander along narrow farm roads west of Vinh Hung and Tan Hung. See traditional wooden homes interspersed with emerald rice paddies and farmers tending duck flocks and water buffalo.

Mountain roads and highland towns

Head north from Tan An through hilly backroads to Da Lat. Visit minority villages along the way and climb to the summit of Sam Mountain.

Places to Visit By Motorbike in Long An

With complete freedom of movement, Long An’s most rewarding destinations become easily accessible by motorbike:

Beaches and coastal towns

Find undiscovered strips of sand and sleepy fishing villages along the 50 km coastline. Highlights include Tan Thanh, Tha La and Rach Tram beaches.

Historic temples and pagodas

Peaceful temples like Vinh Trang, Duc Hue and Thanh Phuoc offer historic architecture in serene settings. Climb to hilltop pagodas for panoramic views.

Markets and floating villages

See iconic Mekong Delta scenes at bustling markets like Cai Be and Cai Lay, or tour rustic stilt homes by boat through floating villages.

Packing Light for Motorbike Travel

Limit luggage when motorbiking to avoid overloading the bike and stay mobile:

Bring minimal luggage

Pack light enough to fit all gear in a 40 liter backpack strapped to the rear seat. Any larger/heavier and the bike becomes unstable.

Use backpacks instead of suitcases

Soft, compact backpacks are much easier to secure to a bike than rigid suitcases. Make sure yours is waterproof.

Pack lightweight, breathable clothing

Bulky jeans and sweaters get uncomfortable in Vietnam’s humid heat. Opt for lightweight shirts, pants, and layers you can shed.

Finding Accommodations Along the Way

With many lodging options throughout Long An, you can find a place to rest your head in any town:

Budget hostels and homestays

  • Clean dorm beds for 50,000-150,000 VND/night. Often includes breakfast.
  • Rural homestays from 200,000 VND. Experience local life.

Mid-range hotels

  • Modern rooms with WiFi/A/C for 250,000-800,000 VND per night.
  • Amenities like breakfast buffet, room service, parking.

High-end resorts

  • Resort pools, spas, and restaurants. Rooms from 1,000,000 VND and upward per night.
  • Mainly along the coast and outskirts of Tan An.

Eating Well During a Motorbike Trip

Street food abounds, but take care to eat safely while on the road:

Local street food and markets

  • Try pho, banh mi, spring rolls, and tropical fruit shakes from street carts.
  • Ask to see ingredients first and watch cooking process. Avoid raw, uncooked meat.
  • Bring bottled water and don’t drink tap. Ice is usually safe at busy stalls.

Roadside cafes and restaurants

  • Look for places with high turnover and crowds of locals. Avoid empty establishments.
  • Choose freshly made dishes instead of sitting out buffets.
  • Evaluate food quality before ordering. Is the kitchen clean? Does food look fresh?

Pack snacks and water

Carry bottled water and non-perishable snacks like granola bars or crackers in case you get stranded without options.

Getting Repairs if Needed

Breakdowns happen, so have a plan to get back on the road quickly:

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Know where to go before breaking down

Mark a few repair shops along your route on Google Maps. Major towns will have plenty. If stuck in remote areas, ask locals for help contacting a mechanic.

Common motorbike repair issues

  • Flat tires – punctures from bumpy roads. Bring patching kit.
  • Oil leaks – have shops check for leaks before long trips.
  • Overheating engine – keep an eye on temperature gauge, take breaks to let engine cool.

Tips for emergency roadside repairs

If a quick fix is needed before getting to a shop:

  • Add oil if engine is dry and knocking – ask shops for a bottle before departing.
  • Splash water on overheated engine, place wet rag over it before restarting.
  • Adjust chain back on gear if derailed.

Returning the Bike and Potential Fees

To get your deposit back, return the motorbike in the condition rented:

Fill gas tank before returning

Most contracts require filling tank back to level rented at. Factor gas costs into rental fees.

Inspect bike for new damages

Check over bike thoroughly for new scratches or damage before handing over.

  • Note any new defects already so you aren’t blamed later.

Receive security deposit refund

Always verify receiving your full deposit amount back in cash, or that refund back to your card has been processed.

Final Tips for Renting in Long An

To maximize your motorbike experience in Long An:

Practice riding before trip

If new to motorbikes, take a practice driving course first to learn control, balance and navigation skills.

Make reservations in advance

Book rentals a few weeks before your trip, especially during busy seasons like Tet holiday.

Have a flexible itinerary

Leave room for spontaneous stops and route changes based on things you see and people you meet along the way.

So now you have all the knowledge needed to start an epic motorbike journey across magnificent Long An! The open road awaits to reveal beautiful landscapes, heartwarming encounters, and unforgettable adventures. Enjoy the ride!

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