Soc Trang Motorbike Rental: Expert Tips and Recommendations

Soc Trang motorbike rental
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Soc Trang province in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta is a great place to explore by motorbike. With its mix of rivers, rice fields, villages, and beaches, having your own set of wheels offers convenience and freedom to fully experience the region. There are several good motorbike rental shops in Soc Trang town with a variety of bikes available. Rental rates are quite affordable, often charging by the day or week. Whether you just want to zip around Soc Trang or plan a longer motorbiking trip in the delta, renting a motorbike is a classic Southeast Asian travel experience not to be missed. Use this guide to learn expert tips on renting, riding routes, safety, and the best sights to see on two wheels in Soc Trang.

Why Rent a Motorbike in Soc Trang?

Renting a motorbike in Soc Trang offers these advantages:

  • Convenience for getting around – With your own motorbike you can easily explore Soc Trang town as well as day trip to outlying areas at your own pace without relying on group tours or public transport.
  • Ability to reach remote areas – Motorbikes allow you to access small villages, beaches, and countryside that would be difficult to reach otherwise. You have more flexibility compared to group tours.
  • Fun way to explore the province – Zipping around the backroads and open country by motorbike is an iconic travel experience in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. The Mekong Delta landscape lends itself perfectly to motorbiking exploration and adventure.

Choosing the Right Motorbike

Consider these factors when selecting a rental motorbike in Soc Trang:

  • Engine size – Larger engines (125cc and up) provide more power for two passengers and luggage. Smaller engines (110cc or less) are adequate for solo riders.
  • Automatic vs manual transmission – Automatic scooters are easier for beginners to handle in traffic. Those with motorcycle experience may prefer a manual transmission for hills and longer distances.
  • Brand and model – Honda and Yamaha motorbikes are reliable brands. Newer models may have better performance and battery life.

Motorbike Rental Costs

Motorbike rental pricing in Soc Trang:

  • Daily rates – Around 80,000 to 150,000 VND ($3.50-$6.50 USD) per day for 110cc-125cc motorbikes. Automatic scooters cost slightly more.
  • Weekly rates – Renting for a full week can lower the daily rate to about 50,000-100,000 VND ($2-$4.30 USD) per day.
  • Fuel costs – Figure about 25,000-35,000 VND ($1.10-$1.50 USD) per liter of petrol. Refuel often since tanks are small.
  • Deposits and insurance – Many shops require a deposit up to the value of the motorbike as insurance against damage or theft. This is often refundable. Ask about optional insurance.

Renting Safety Gear

Be sure to rent or bring proper safety gear:

  • Helmets – Quality helmets are essential for protecting your head in the unfortunate event of an accident. Only use DOT or Snell approved helmets. Many shops rent helmets.
  • Jackets, gloves, boots – Wear sturdy shoes or boots, gloves, and jackets to prevent road rash in a crash. Look for motorcycle-specific gear designed for impact protection.
  • Availability – Many rental shops have a supply of basic helmets and gear available for rent or purchase. Bring your own for comfort and cleanliness.

Securing Your Rental

Follow these tips for a smooth rental experience:

  • Check condition beforehand – Carefully inspect the motorbike and note any prior damage before accepting the rental. This will protect you from unfair damages claims.
  • Take photos for evidence – Use your phone to photograph the motorbike from all angles before setting off. This provides proof of its pre-rental condition.
  • Review rental contract – Understand all terms, fees, and policies outlined in the rental contract before signing. Ask questions if anything is unclear.

Best Routes for Motorbiking in Soc Trang

Some top spots to experience by motorbike around Soc Trang include:

  • Coastal roads and beaches – Cruise past small fishing villages and shrimp farms. Stop to swim at sandy beaches like Ho Dong Den.
  • Countryside and villages – Drive past rice paddies, fruit orchards, and local homes on backroads through rural delta scenery.
  • Gao Giong Eco Tourism Area – Ride through protected cajuput forest filled with monkeys and birdlife.

Tips for Safe Riding

Observe these safety tips while motorbiking:

  • Defensive driving – Drive cautiously anticipating potential hazards like potholes or sudden traffic. Keep a safe braking distance from other vehicles.
  • Dealing with traffic – Vietnamese traffic can be chaotic. Drive slowly, signal clearly, and be alert. Be prepared to stop suddenly. Avoid high speeds.
  • Follow traffic laws – Obey speed limits, signs, and traffic lights. Many rental shops fine for traffic violations. Carry an international driver’s permit if required.

Recommended Stops and Attractions

Top attractions to experience via motorbike around Soc Trang include:

  • Ke Ga Lighthouse – Iconic red and white striped lighthouse overlooking the ocean built by the French in 1899. Great sunset viewing spot.
  • Clay Sculpture Village – Visit the artisans crafting ornate clay sculptures and tiles by hand in the village of De Tham.
  • Nguyen Trung Truc Temple – 19th century temple dedicated to folk hero and early resistance leader against the French colonial forces.

Finding Good Eats Along the Way

One of the best parts of motorbiking is stopping anytime to enjoy delicious local cuisine. Look for:

  • Street food stalls – Grab a quick banh mi sandwich, pho noodle soup, or refreshing coconut juice from roadside carts.
  • Markets with local produce – Stop at lively wet markets and sample just-picked tropical fruits from nearby farms.
  • Cafes and restaurants – Take a break from the road at quaint cafes surrounded by gardens or trees.

Where to Stay on a Motorbike Trip

Base yourself at these motorbike-friendly lodging options around Soc Trang:

  • Hotels and resorts – Many offer secure motorcycle parking. Good for rainy season trips.
  • Homestays and guesthouses – Experience hospitality and local culture by staying in budget homestays often located in smaller towns and villages.
  • Camping – Pitch a tent along beaches or in approved camping grounds. Provides flexibility for motorbike travel.

Avoiding Potential Issues

Be prepared to handle these common motorbiking issues:

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  • Mechanical problems – Carry some tools, spare oil, tire repair kit, and jumper cables in case of breakdowns or flat tires. Know where to get help or repairs done if needed.
  • Getting lost – Having a good map, GPS, or guiding app can help avoid losing your way on rural backroads. If lost, ask for directions from locals or call your rental shop.
  • Accidents and injury – Drive slowly and defensively to avoid falls, especially on wet or loose surfaces. Seek medical attention immediately in case of any injury to get proper documentation.

Packing and Preparing for Your Trip

Don’t forget these essential items to bring on your Soc Trang motorbike adventure:

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  • Map and directions – Have a paper map or offline maps saved on a phone or GPS to navigate without mobile data. Ask rental shop for recommendations on best local routes.
  • Rain gear and sun protection – Pack a lightweight rain poncho or jacket; sunglasses and sunscreen are also musts during wet or sunny weather.
  • Tools and spare parts – Carry a basic toolkit, tire repair kit, spare fuses, etc. to handle minor roadside issues.

Why Go With a Local Guide?

Consider hiring a local motorbike guide in Soc Trang for:

  • Navigation assistance – A knowledgeable local guide can expertly lead you to hidden backroad gems and noteworthy attractions off the tourist trail.
  • Cultural insight – Learn about unique local history, customs, cuisines and more from your guide.
  • Recommendations – A local will know the best places to eat, drink, relax and fully experience the region.

Renting a motorbike and cruising around Soc Trang province offers an awesome opportunity to see rural delta life, access scenic areas, and gain freedom to explore at your own pace. Follow these expert tips to choose the right motorbike, ride safely, see top attractions, and make the most of your motorbiking adventure around Soc Trang. The open road awaits!

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