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Scooters and motorbikes are a popular and convenient way to explore while traveling abroad. However, mechanical problems can happen from time to time, which can be stressful if you’re in an unfamiliar place. Here is a step-by-step guide on what to do if your rental motorbike breaks down during your trip.

Assess the Situation

If your motorbike starts sputtering, loses power, or makes unusual noises, the first step is to assess the immediate situation.

  • Ensure you are not in immediate danger from oncoming traffic. Carefully maneuver to the side of the road when possible.
  • Take note of any symptoms the bike is exhibiting. Is it leaking fluid, emitting smoke, or making grinding noises? This will help the rental company or mechanic diagnose the issue.
  • Check that you have cell phone signal and access to help. Apps like Google Maps can assist you with finding your exact location.

Contact the Rental Company

Your next step is to contact the rental company for assistance.

  • If you have their emergency number stored, call it right away to explain the breakdown. Provide details on your location and the bike’s symptoms.
  • If not, call their standard listed number. Explain that you have rented one of their bikes which has broken down on the road.
  • Ask if they can send roadside assistance for repairs, arrange replacement pick-up, or help you get in contact with a local mechanic. Be sure to get an estimated time of arrival.

“Remaining calm and clearly communicating the situation to the rental company is key to getting help on the way quickly.”

Seek Local Assistance

If you have trouble reaching the rental company, you may need to seek local assistance.

  • Ask nearby shops or garages if you can borrow a phone to call the rental company.
  • Request help from locals in contacting the rental shop and explaining your predicament. They may know mechanics in the area.
  • See if any mechanics are able to come to your location and assist with repairs or transport.

“Don’t hesitate to flag down passing motorists you think may be able to help. Locals are often happy to assist stranded travelers.”

Wait with the Motorbike

While waiting for help, remain with the disabled motorbike.

  • If stopped in an unsafe location like a curve, try pushing the bike to a more secure spot.
  • Do not leave the bike unattended, as theft is a risk. Keep an eye out for anyone suspicious approaching.
  • Set up reflectors or warning lights (like flashers or flares) to alert passing drivers if breakdown occurs at night or in a high traffic area.

“Your safety is the top priority, so take measures to remain visible and avoid getting hit if stuck near moving vehicles.”

Getting Repairs or a Replacement

Once in touch with the rental company, discuss next steps to get back on the road.

  • They may send a pick-up service to transport the bike for repairs at their shop. Ask for an estimated duration.
  • Inquire if they can deliver a replacement rental bike to your location to minimize downtime.
  • Ask about any reimbursement for rental days lost, transportation costs incurred, or hotel stays if the breakdown causes significant delays.

“Don’t get stuck paying out of pocket for issues with the rental bike. Politely but firmly request compensation for losses due to breakdowns.”

Learning for Next Time

Take some lessons from the experience to avoid future breakdowns when renting bikes abroad.

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  • Carefully study the rental agreement, especially sections on emergency policies, repairs, and breakdowns. Know your rights.
  • Consider adding supplemental insurance when renting to cover any repair costs or lost time.
  • Always request emergency contact numbers and keep this info handy in your wallet, phone, or backpack.

“Being prepared with insurance coverage and emergency contacts provides peace of mind next time you rent a motorbike overseas.”

Packing a Mobile Toolkit

Here are some key items to include in a mobile toolkit when renting and riding a motorbike abroad:

  • Basic tools like wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, socket set, and Allen keys to make minor repairs and adjustments.
  • Spare oil, brake and clutch fluid, coolant, and fuel line tape. Topping up fluids is a common roadside fix.
  • Fuses, bulbs, zip ties, insulating tape, spark plugs and other spare parts prone to wear and tear.
  • Emergency puncture repair kit with plugs, patches, and hand pump or CO2 canisters.
  • Work gloves to protect your hands while repairing the bike roadside.
  • Rags, degreaser, and water for cleaning up oil leaks and spills after repairs.
  • Flashlight, flares and warning triangle to stay visible if stuck at night.
  • Fire extinguisher. Though rare, fires can happen if there are mechanical issues.

“Packing a compact yet comprehensive toolkit tailored to your bike model provides added security when riding in remote areas far from professional help.”

Finding Reliable Help

If your rental motorbike breaks down in a foreign country and you need more than a quick roadside repair, finding a reputable shop or mechanic is key. Here are some tips:

  • Ask the rental company who they use for repairs – they often have partner workshops.
  • Search online forums and motorbike groups for recommended garages in the area.
  • Ask locals like your hotel or restaurant staff where they take their bikes.
  • Look for shops with good online reviews and certifications from brands they service.
  • Visit repair shops to check their equipment, organization, staff English skills and customer service.
  • Confirm estimated costs and timelines in advance and get agreements in writing.

“Investing time to find a qualified mechanic you can trust will provide added peace of mind if significant repairs are required after a breakdown.”

With the right preparation and knowledge, a rental motorbike breakdown abroad can be resolved fairly quickly so you can get back on the open road safely.

Additional Tips for Dealing with a Breakdown

Here are some extra tips that can help if your rental motorbike breaks down away from home:

  • Bring a basic toolkit and spare parts like spark plugs, fuses, bulbs, zip ties, duct tape, and engine oil. This allows you to potentially fix minor issues yourself.
  • Pack emergency food, water, and rain gear in case you’re stuck waiting a while for assistance.
  • Take photos of any damage or mechanical problems before attempting repairs. This provides proof to rental companies if faults existed before you rode it.
  • If possible, push the bike to a garage, gas station, or safe area to work on it rather than remaining on the roadside.
  • Ask locals if they know mechanics or shops that offer quick, inexpensive repairs. Avoid pricey dealerships if possible.
  • Call your travel insurance provider as they may offer emergency roadside help or reimbursement for costs incurred.
  • If the bike is inoperable, look into hiring an inexpensive tow service to transport it to a repair shop. Don’t leave it stranded.
  • Check your cell phone battery level and consider carrying a portable charger. You’ll need your phone to access maps, translators, and helplines.

“Packing a few tools, spare parts, and other emergency supplies provides greater peace of mind if traveling independently by motorbike overseas.”

Preventing Breakdowns when Renting Abroad

While you can’t avoid every potential mechanical issue, there are steps to take to minimize chances of a breakdown on a rental bike in a foreign country:

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  • Thoroughly inspect bikes for damage before accepting and note any existing wear and tear.
  • Test drive the motorbike, checking acceleration, brakes, lights, and handling.
  • Learn how to do basic checks like oil and brake fluid levels, tire pressure, etc.
  • Ask when the vehicle was last serviced and inspect service records when available.
  • Stick to reputable rental companies and read reviews carefully. Avoid sketchy operators.
  • Consider renting newer bikes rather than very old, high-mileage models.
  • Confirm if the company provides 24-hour emergency roadside assistance.
  • Ask the rental agent for tips on dealing with breakdowns and who to contact.

“Investing a little time to inspect and learn about the bike before setting out can prevent many issues from arising down the road.”


Breaking down on a rental motorbike in a foreign country can be upsetting but following these steps helps minimize frustration and get you safely back on the road. Assess the issue, contact the rental company, seek local help, wait with the bike, arrange repairs or replacement, and learn for future trips. With some preparation and knowledge of who to contact, what’s usually just a minor hassle can be resolved fairly quickly. Renting a scooter or bike is one of the best ways to explore new destinations, and learning how to handle a breakdown makes it even more stress-free.

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