Motorbike Rental in Ben Tre, Vietnam: Your Complete Guide

Motorbike Rental in Ben Tre
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Known as the “coconut capital” of Vietnam, Ben Tre is the perfect place to explore by motorbike. With its lush coconut groves, fruit orchards, sleepy villages, and stretches of coastline, motorbiking through Ben Tre allows you to fully experience the natural beauty and culture of the Mekong Delta region.

Renting a motorbike gives you the freedom and flexibility to cruise through Ben Tre at your own pace. You can stop whenever and wherever you want to take photos, sample fresh coconuts, interact with locals, or just take in the scenery. Compared to group tours, motorbiking allows you to get off the beaten path and discover places not featured in guidebooks.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about motorbike rental in Ben Tre, from the documentation required to the best routes and attractions. With tips on rental companies, road safety, and more, you’ll be prepared for an unforgettable motorbiking adventure through this fascinating part of Vietnam.

Reasons to Rent a Motorbike in Ben Tre

Here are some of the top reasons to rent a motorbike for exploring Ben Tre and its surrounding Mekong Delta region:

Explore the Countryside

One of the best ways to experience Ben Tre is by motorbike. You can cruise along backroads, over bridges, through coconut groves and small villages at your own pace. Stop whenever something interests you, interact with locals, and soak up the rural atmosphere. Motorbiking allows you to access sights that might be tricky to reach by other transport.

Visit Attractions Around Ben Tre

Ben Tre City is a great base for motorbike day trips to surrounding attractions. Within an hour’s ride you can be floating along mangrove-lined rivers, relaxing on tropical beaches, wandering fruit orchards, or observing daily life on the Mekong Delta. A motorbike rental gives you the range to see diverse highlights in a short time.

More Freedom and Flexibility

Compared to joining organized tours, self-driving a motorbike allows you to fully customize your itinerary. Go wherever you want, whenever you want, at your own pace. Stop frequently for photos or food breaks. Change plans on a whim. With a motorbike you’re free to follow your interests and impulses.

Types of Motorbikes Available for Rent

There are a variety of motorbike styles available for rental in Ben Tre to suit different levels of experience:

Manual Motorbikes

For seasoned riders, manual (stick-shift) motorbikes provide more power and acceleration for long distances and higher speeds. Common rental choices include:

Underbone Motorbikes

  • Honda Wave – 110cc commuter bike, easy to ride
  • Yamaha Nouvo – 115cc underbone, good for 2 people

Street/Café Racer Motorbikes

  • Classic styled 125-150cc bikes for cruising Ben Tre’s scenic routes

Dirt Bikes/Enduro Motorbikes

  • 150cc+ bikes for handling rougher terrain and trails

Automatic Scooters

If you’re a motorbike novice, automatic scooters are easier and more comfortable to ride:

Vespa-Style Scooters

  • Honda Lead – 125cc Vespa clone, vintage styling
  • Yamaha Janus – retro-futuristic 110cc scooter

Underbone-Style Scooters

  • Honda Click – practical 125cc scooter, good storage
  • SYM Fiddle – light 110cc scooter for city riding

Where to Rent Motorbikes in Ben Tre

Ben Tre has lots of options for motorbike rental. You’ll get the best prices and service through local shops, but some hotels also offer rentals for convenience:


Many mid-range and luxury hotels in Ben Tre City rent motorbikes to guests for daily or weekly use. Prices are usually higher than rental shops but may include helmets, locks, pickup/dropoff.

Private Rental Shops

For the best value and motorbike condition, private shops are recommended. They offer competitive rental rates, extras like helmets/locks, and maintenance checks before renting.


Backpacker hostels in Ben Tre City often have partnerships with nearby rental shops and can arrange motorbike hire as part of your stay.

Documentation Needed to Rent

To legally rent a motorbike in Vietnam, you’ll need:

Valid Driver’s License

An IDP (International Driving Permit) along with your home license is required. Some shops may rent with only a passport and cash deposit.


Your original passport will be needed for ID purposes and to hold as a deposit. Make sure you have it on hand when renting.


A cash deposit is usually required in case of damage or theft. This is often held in lieu of an IDP/license. Expect to leave a deposit of around $50-$100.

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Rental Rates and Packages

Here’s an overview of typical motorbike rental rates and common package inclusions in Ben Tre:

Daily Rates

  • 110cc Scooter – Around 100,000 VND ($4-5 USD)
  • 125cc Underbone – About 150,000 VND ($6-7 USD)
  • 150cc Dirt Bike – Roughly 200,000+ VND ($8-10+ USD)

Weekly/Monthly Discounts

Long term rentals usually offer big discounts, like 35-50% off daily rates. This can make renting for a whole month very affordable.


Most rentals include helmets, locks, and basic maintenance. Check if insurance is included – many shops offer basic coverage for an extra fee. Fuel is usually excluded.

Safety Tips for Riding in Ben Tre

For a safe and enjoyable motorbiking trip, keep these safety tips in mind:

Obey Traffic Laws

Though Vietnam’s roads seem chaotic, try to observe basic rules like speed limits, lane discipline, and signaling. Don’t drink and drive.

Defensive Driving

Expect the unexpected – swerving motorbikes, stray animals, potholes. Ride cautiously and always watch out for hazards.

Always Wear a Helmet

Legally required and essential for safety. Ensure helmets are high quality and fit properly.

Be Aware of Road Conditions

Ben Tre has some rough backroads. Slow down for loose gravel, mud, and wet roads after rain.

Other Tips

  • Install a phone holder for navigation
  • Carry a spare face mask and hand sanitizer
  • Pack sun protection like hats, shades, and sunscreen

Recommended Routes for Motorbiking in Ben Tre

With endless routes to explore, here are some top motorbiking itineraries in Ben Tre:

Ben Tre City Route

Discover sights in the provincial capital:

  • Cao Dai Temple – vibrant religious temple
  • Ben Tre Market – trade hub overflowing with tropical fruits and local catches
  • Ben Tre Museum – exhibits on local culture, war history, and traditions

Mekong Delta Route

A full day loop into delta highlights:

  • Cai Mon Fruit Orchards – sample ripe jackfruit, mangoes, rambutans
  • Tra On Floating Village – unique way of life on the delta
  • Phu Tuc Fruit Gardens – sample exotic tropical fruit varieties

Coastal/Beach Route

Cruise past sandy beaches and relaxed seaside towns:

  • My Tho Wharf – starting point for boat trips to islands
  • Thoi Son Beach – quiet beach with seafood restaurants
  • An Thanh Beach – beautiful sunset views over the ocean

Villages & Countryside Route

Immerse yourself in Mekong Delta village life and landscapes:

  • Van Thanh Mango Village – meander through mango groves
  • Thanh Phu Eco-Village – cycling, homestays and coconut candy making
  • Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary – scenic bike paths with bird watching opportunities

Best Attractions to Visit by Motorbike

No visit to Ben Tre is complete without seeing these iconic regional highlights accessible by motorbike:

Coconut Groves

The heart of Ben Tre’s coconut industry. Ride under the shade of coconut palms heavy with fruit.

“We stopped frequently along the palm-lined roads to snap photos and enjoy young coconut juice.”

Ben Tre River

Lifeblood of the region. Cross bridges and glimpse river life – fishing boats, fruit barges, merchant ships.

Fruit Orchards

Sample ripe jackfruit, longans, mangoes and more at roadside fruit stands or pick-your-own orchards.


Just an hour’s ride away, you’ll find stretches of sand and relaxed seaside towns perfect for swimming, sunsets, and seafood.

Where to Eat Along the Way

One of the joys of motorbiking is stopping for snacks and meals anytime. Here’s where to get your food fix in Ben Tre:

Local Street Food Spots

For cheap, authentic eats try roadside spots, markets and family-run shops selling:

  • Banh mi – crusty Vietnamese baguettes
  • Pho – hearty noodle soup
  • Banh uot – steamed rice noodle rolls
  • Fresh coconuts – refreshing break from the heat

Riverside Seafood Restaurants

Thatched open-air restaurants lining the Ben Tre River serve the local catches of the day at affordable prices.

Cafes in Ben Tre City

Recharge over Vietnamese iced coffee, tropical fruit smoothies and sweet sticky rice at cute city cafes.

Where to Stay on a Motorbiking Trip

Base yourself in Ben Tre City or consider overnighting at countryside, beach or island accommodations:

Hotels in Ben Tre City

Convenient and affordable lodging like Thao Nhi Hotel or Hotel Hung Cuong puts you steps from rental shops, food, and attractions.

Beach Resorts

Treat yourself to 1-2 nights at oceanfront resorts like Victoria Phu Quoc for beachside relaxation.

Homestays/Farm Stays

Immerse yourself in local life by staying at countryside homestays or farm cottages.

When to Go on a Motorbike Trip

Ben Tre enjoys a tropical climate with a hot wet season and cooler dry season:

Cooler Dry Season (November-April)

The most popular time for motorbiking with lower humidity, minimal rain, and temperatures of 17–28°C.

Warmer Wet Season (May-October)

Expect high humidity, frequent rain showers, and temperatures of 27–35°C. Fewer tourists, lower rates on hotels and activities.

Both seasons have their perks – plan your motorbiking adventure accordingly.

Motorbike Rental Companies in Ben Tre

Reputable rental shops in Ben Tre include:

Onetrip Motorbike Rental Ben Tre

  • Large selection from underbones to trail bikes
  • Flexible pick-up/drop-off options
  • Roadside assistance and repair service

Nam Phong Motorbike

  • Competitive weekly and monthly discounts
  • Extras like saddlebags and phone holders
  • Customer recommended on travel forums

Le Brothers Motorbike

  • One of the longest running rental shops in Ben Tre
  • Offersliability insurance coverage
  • Responsiveto tourist needs

See a range of motorbikes firsthand and compare rental packages before choosing your ride. Independent rental shops generally offer better service, maintenance and road support than hotel rentals.

Motorbike Rental Terms and Conditions

Know the usual rental terms and fine print before signing any motorbike agreements in Ben Tre:

Damage Liability

Renters are fully responsible for any damage to the vehicle besides normal wear-and-tear. Avoid non-paved roads that could cause damage.

Restricted Areas

Most rentals prohibit certain high-risk areas like busy highways. Ask your rental shop for route limitations.

Fuel Policy

The renter is usually responsible for refueling during the rental period. Check if your bike comes full or empty.

Breakdown Support

Ask about roadside assistance and support in case of technical problems or accidents. Legitimate shops offer this service.

Review all rental terms thoroughly before accepting a motorbike to avoid misunderstandings or hidden fees. Also inspect bikes carefully for any pre-existing damage.

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Conclusion & Summary

With beautiful scenery and cultural attractions, Ben Tre in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta region is best explored on two wheels. Renting a motorbike gives you the freedom to cruise through coconut groves, ride out to beaches, sample tropical fruit, and immerse yourself in rural village life.

This guide has covered everything you need to know for a successful motorbike trip from where to rent, documentation required, road safety tips, recommended routes, top attractions to visit, when to go, and reputable rental companies. With an adventurous spirit and this advice, you’re sure to have an unforgettable motorbiking experience through the Mekong Delta’s coconut capital.

The key takeaways are:

  • Ben Tre’s landscapes and rural life are best discovered by motorbike
  • Manual underbones or automatic scooters suit different riding abilities
  • Private rental shops offer the best prices, bikes, and road support
  • Observe road safety, wear helmets, and inspect bikes thoroughly
  • Cruise past coconut groves, over bridges, out to beaches and islands
  • Street food spots, cafes, and riverside restaurants offer tasty pit stops
  • Visit during the cool dry winter or budget wet summer season
  • Follow this guide for your magical motorbiking through Ben Tre!

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