Kien Giang Motorbike Rental: Tips, Tricks, and Recommendations

Kien Giang Motorbike Rental
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Kien Giang, located in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, is an ideal place to explore by motorbike. With lush tropical landscapes, vibrant towns and cities, pristine beaches, and hidden temples and pagodas, Kien Giang offers exciting opportunities for adventure and discovery. Renting a motorbike gives travelers flexibility to tour the province at their own pace, stop where they please, and access more remote areas.

This guide will provide tips, advice, and recommendations for renting and safely operating a motorbike in Kien Giang. Topics covered include:

  • Overview of motorbike rental options
  • Benefits of renting a motorbike
  • Choosing the right motorbike
  • Rental tips and agreement details
  • Safety recommendations
  • Route planning and road conditions
  • Packing checklist and gear
  • Best places to ride in Kien Giang
  • Lodging options from hotels to camping
  • Fuel and basic maintenance
  • Traffic laws and license requirements
  • Accident advice
  • Returning bikes and potential fees

With proper precautions and preparations, a motorbike adventure through Kien Giang can be an incredibly rewarding experience. This guide aims to equip travelers with the knowledge needed for a safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable motorbike trip.

Overview of Kien Giang Motorbike Rental

Kien Giang has a wide range of motorbike rental options to suit different travel needs and budgets. Here is a quick introduction to the province’s rental locations, bike selections, and costs:


  • Phu Quoc Island – Many rentals clustered around Duong Dong Town and on main beach areas.
  • Ha Tien – Rentals available near city center and waterfront.
  • Rach Gia – Various rentals in town, near ferry terminal, and on main streets.
  • Kien Luong – Rentals near bus station and ferry pier to Phu Quoc.

Bike Options

  • Manual motorbikes – Ranges from 100-150cc bikes for solo riders to 250cc for two passengers.
  • Automatic motorbikes – Ideal for beginners, ranging from 100-125cc engines.
  • Off-road/dirt bikes – Specialized motorbikes with knobby tires for trail riding.
  • Scooters – Automatic 50cc bikes well suited for city driving.

Prices and Packages

  • Daily rentals – Around $5-10 USD per day for 100cc bikes, more for larger sizes.
  • Weekly/monthly rentals – Discounted weekly and monthly rates from $40-80 USD.
  • Insurance – Optional collision damage waiver is extra, around $5-10 USD per day.

Why Rent a Motorbike in Kien Giang?

Compared to taking buses, taxis, or tours, renting a motorbike in Kien Giang offers these advantages:

Convenience for Exploring the Province

Motorbikes are the ideal transport for exploring Kien Giang’s mix of island, coastal, rural, and urban areas. With a motorbike, travelers can access remote beaches, temples, markets, and scenic areas at their own pace. Public transport does not reach many of the best sites.

“Having a motorbike gave us the freedom to stop wherever we wanted along the coast to enjoy deserted beaches and take photos,” said James and Susan, tourists from Australia.

Fun Way to Travel

For many visitors, motorbikes are a novel and exciting way to travel. Motorbiking allows you to feel the wind in your hair as you cruise through tropical landscapes. The street-level perspective creates a more thrilling and interactive experience than bus or car tours.

“Riding a motorbike made me feel like I was really experiencing Vietnam rather than just observing it through a bus window,” remarked Maria, a traveler from Spain.

More Flexibility than a Tour

With a rental motorbike, travelers can make their own route each day and change plans on a whim. They don’t have to adhere to a tour company’s rigid schedule or wait for other group members. Independent motorbike travel allows total freedom.

“The freedom of having my own motorbike was amazing,” said Lucas from Brazil. “I could stop to take pictures or chat with locals without worrying about a tour guide hurrying me along.”

Choosing the Right Motorbike

Selecting an appropriate motorbike rental for your travel plans and skill level helps ensure a safe and comfortable trip. Consider these factors when choosing a bike:

Engine Size

  • 100-125cc – Best for solo travel on paved roads and in towns/cities. More than enough power.
  • 150cc – For two passengers on paved routes. More comfortable for long distances.
  • 250cc – For two plus limited bags on mixed terrain. Good for Phu Quoc’s hills.

Automatic vs. Manual Transmission

  • Automatic – Best for beginners. No clutch or shifting required.
  • Manual – Better performance but needs practice. Allows downshifting to control speed.

Condition and Safety Checks

Inspect bikes thoroughly before renting. Check that:

  • Brakes and lights are functioning
  • Tires have good tread depth
  • Mirrors are properly adjusted
  • No oil or fluid leaks
  • Test drive to ensure proper operation

Motorbike Rental Tips

Follow these suggestions for a smooth motorbike rental experience:

Inspect the Bike Thoroughly Before Renting

Give the bike a test drive first and check controls, lights, brakes, tires, etc. This ensures you understand the operation and catches issues. Inspecting with rental agents shows existing damage.

Understand the Rental Agreement

Review the contract terms like:

  • Deposit amount and refund policy
  • Damage waiver/insurance options
  • Mileage limits if applicable
  • Extra fees like late return charges

Ask questions before signing and take photos of the bike. Keep paperwork for reference.

Ask Questions to the Rental Agent

Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification on:

  • Recommended routes and areas to avoid
  • Nearby fuel stations, mechanics, supplies
  • Proper tire pressure and oil levels
  • Trouble signs requiring maintenance
  • Emergency contact information

Motorbike Safety Tips

Riding safely helps prevent accidents and injuries. Follow these recommendations:

Always Wear a Helmet

  • Use a quality helmet that meets safety standards.
  • Ensure proper fit. Ask rental shop for options.
  • Wear chin strap securely fastened.

Drive Defensively

  • Follow speed limits and traffic laws.
  • Watch for pedestrians, animals, and vehicles pulling out.
  • Cover brakes and be ready to react.
  • Use horn judiciously to alert others.

Be Cautious in Wet Weather

  • Reduce speed and allow greater braking distance.
  • Avoid sudden acceleration or braking that can cause skids.
  • Lean away from road edge where water accumulates.

“I took things slow in the rain and avoided major roads with lots of vehicles,” said Daniel, a careful motorbike traveler. “It’s better to arrive late than to drive dangerously and crash.”

Route Planning

Careful route planning ensures you have a safe and enjoyable motorbike experience in Kien Giang. Consider these aspects when mapping out daily routes:

Recommended Routes

Stick to these well-maintained roads suited for motorbiking:

  • Highway 80 – Runs north-south through province
  • DT963 – Connects Rach Gia to Ha Tien
  • Smaller local/coastal roads on Phu Quoc Island

Road Conditions

  • Roads in good repair overall but watch for:
  • Gravel, sand, or debris on shoulders
  • Potholes around construction areas
  • Slippery surfaces in rain
  • Driving is on the right in Vietnam


  • Have a paper map or GPS as backup but use signs for main roads.
  • Give yourself plenty of daylight for new routes.
  • Pace travel to account for stops. Don’t risk riding after dark.

“I planned out each day’s route on a map ahead of time so I knew what to expect,” said Louise, a savvy motorbike traveler. “That helped lower my chances of getting lost or caught out after sunset.”

Packing and Gear

Prepare for motorbike travel in Kien Giang with these packing tips:

Rain Gear

Carry rain gear like:

  • Lightweight poncho or rain jacket
  • Waterproof overpants
  • Pack covers to keep belongings dry

Securing Belongings

  • Use saddlebags, rear packs, or a storage trunk.
  • Tie down loose items securely.
  • Don’t overload the bike.

First Aid Kit

Pack a kit with:

  • Bandages, gauze, tape
  • Antibiotic cream
  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Other personal medications

Best Places to Ride in Kien Giang

Kien Giang offers terrific variety for motorbiking. Don’t miss these top spots:

Phu Quoc Island

  • Circle the island on coastal roads and Highway 46.
  • Visit secluded beaches, pepper farms, fish sauce factories, and historic sites.
  • Ride through Phu Quoc National Park’s dense jungle.
  • Relax on sandy Sao Beach.

Mui Nai Beach

  • Drive this 10km untouched golden sand beach south of Ha Tien.
  • Enjoy swimming, fresh seafood, and serene views.

Ha Tien

  • Explore backroads around this laid-back border town.
  • Take the coastal road to Phu Quoc Island.
  • Visit outlying temples, pepper farms, and floating fish farms.

“Mui Nai Beach ended up being the highlight of our motorbike trip,” said Katy and Mike from England. “We practically had the gorgeous beach to ourselves.”

Where to Stay

Motorbike travel makes it easy to find convenient overnight accommodation. Consider these options:


  • Range from budget hostels to luxury resorts.
  • Main cities offer the most options.
  • Book ahead in peak season or opt for last minute deals.


  • Family-run guesthouses offer cultural immersion.
  • Mostly in rural areas and villages.
  • Experience local home-cooked meals.


  • Pitch a tent on beaches and islands.
  • Low cost way to visit remote areas.
  • Rent camping gear from rental shops.

“We camped on secluded stretches of beach between Ha Tien and Phu Quoc,” said Martina and Andres, budget travelers. “Falling asleep to the sound of waves was amazing.”

Fuel and Maintenance

With motorbikes, basic maintenance helps avoid breakdowns or problems far from help.

Gas Stations

  • Stations concentrated around cities/towns.
  • Ask rental agency for nearest stations.
  • Carry reserve fuel when riding remote areas.

Basic Roadside Maintenance

  • Carry a puncture repair kit, foot pump, and tool kit.
  • Check tire pressure and oil level daily.
  • Learn how to change spark plugs.
  • Find rental shop’s emergency number.

“We ran over a sharp rock leaving Phu Quoc that punctured our tire,” recalled Casey and Robin. “Luckily we had the tools to patch it ourselves, or we would have been stranded.”

Driving Laws and Licenses in Vietnam

Follow all local driving laws to avoid legal troubles, fines, and license issues:

International vs. Vietnamese License

  • International licenses valid to drive in Vietnam.
  • Obtain a Vietnamese license if staying over 3 months.
  • An International Driving Permit translation is recommended.

Traffic Rules

Adhere to all standard traffic laws like:

  • Driving on the right side of the road
  • Obeying speed limits (50km/h in cities)
  • No drinking and driving (0.00% BAC)
  • Wearing motorcycle helmets
  • Not carrying more passengers than the bike is designed for

Fines and Violations

Fines apply for offenses like:

  • Speeding
  • Running red lights
  • Going the wrong way on one-way streets
  • Not wearing a helmet
  • Drunk driving
  • Invalid license

Motorbike Safety and Accidents

While road accidents are always possible, following safe driving practices helps minimize risk:

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Defensive Driving

  • Drive cautiously and anticipate hazards.
  • Wear high visibility clothing.
  • Use lights and horns to alert others.
  • Don’t assume others see you.

What to Do in an Accident

  • Remain calm. Move out of traffic flow.
  • Check if you and passengers are ok.
  • Alert police and file a report for insurance claims.
  • Exchange contact details with other parties involved.
  • Take photos of damage and scene.
  • Notify rental agency immediately if their bike is damaged.

Emergency Numbers

Save these emergency contacts:

  • Police: 113
  • Ambulance: 115
  • Fire Department: 114

“I rode extremely defensively in Vietnam since traffic can be chaotic,” commented Eric from France. “Having emergency numbers saved in my phone gave me peace of mind.”

Returning the Motorbike

Finish your rental period smoothly by following best practices when returning your motorbike:

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Condition Expectations

  • Return bike in clean condition, similar to pick-up.
  • Normal wear and tear is acceptable.
  • Document any new damage with photos.


  • Fill up tank before returning.
  • Avoid late fees for refueling.
  • Keep gas receipt as proof.

Potential Extra Charges

You may be charged for:

  • Late return
  • Damage beyond normal wear and tear
  • Lost rental items like helmets or chains
  • Exceeding mileage limits

“We made sure to fill up the tank, return on time, and point out any new scratches to the agent,” said Mike and Jess, frequent renters. “That way there were no surprises on the final bill.”


A motorbike adventure through Kien Giang offers an unforgettable way to explore beaches, jungles, islands, and rural landscapes at your own pace. With proper planning for routes, gear, safety, and bike maintenance, plus adherence to local laws, renting a motorbike can provide the trip of a lifetime. Follow the recommendations in this guide for a safe and enjoyable motorbiking experience. Kien Giang’s open roads await!

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