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Renting a motorbike is one of the best ways to explore Binh Duong and its surroundings. The province is ideally located near both Ho Chi Minh City and the beaches and mountains of southern Vietnam. With a motorbike rental, you can easily access these popular attractions as well as discover hidden local gems.

This comprehensive guide will provide tourists with everything they need to know to safely rent and drive a motorbike in Binh Duong. We’ll cover finding a rental shop, required documents, inspecting the motorbike, road rules, safety tips, what to do in a collision, returning the bike, driving to top destinations, and weighing alternative transportation options. Follow this advice for an epic motorbiking adventure in Vietnam!

Reasons to Rent a Motorbike in Binh Duong

Here are the top reasons to rent a motorbike for exploring Binh Duong province:

  • Freedom and flexibility – Go wherever you want, whenever you want! Stop to see an interesting sight. Change plans on a whim. A motorbike rental gives you the freedom and flexibility to fully customize your itinerary.
  • Save money – Motorbike rental rates are very affordable in Vietnam, often costing $5-10 USD per day. This is much cheaper than hiring private cars or taxis for independent travel. Gas is also cheap at about $1 USD per liter.
  • Breeze through traffic – Motorbikes can zip through congested traffic and access narrow alleys and roads better than cars. You’ll arrive at attractions faster without the stress of traffic jams.
  • Feel the wind – Vietnam is tropical and often hot and humid. The cooling rush of the wind you feel while motorbiking is a wonderful perk. It enhances the thrill of the ride.
  • Off the beaten path – Motorbikes allow you to explore rural roads, villages, rice paddies, and hidden backdrops most visitors never get to see when using tour buses and cars.
  • Local interaction – Stopping for directions and chatting with locals at cafes and shops along your route gives you small authentic interactions that help you connect with the culture.

Finding a Motorbike Rental Shop

The best places to find motorbike rental shops in Binh Duong are centered around the province’s major cities and tourist destinations. Here are some specific spots to search:

Locations in Major Cities and Tourist Areas

  • Thu Dau Mot – This large city has lots of hotels and tourist amenities along with rental shops clustered on Le Hong Phong street in the city center.
  • Thuan An – Home to Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park, this area has several rental operations catering to business travelers and expats. Check along DT743 road.
  • Binh Duong New City – This planned city is still developing but already has a few rental shops close to Becamex Hotel and major office buildings.
  • Mỹ Phước Tourist Zone – This popular tourist area with temples has rentals available right outside major attractions like Phật Đài Linh Sơn Trúc Lâm.

Prices and Motorcycle Types

Motorbike rental prices average 50,000 to 100,000 VND (~$2-5 USD) per day for models like the Honda Winner, Honda Future, and Honda Blade. Expect to pay more for larger touring bikes and models with automatic transmission, which can run 200,000 VND (~$10 USD) or higher per day.

Always verify included mileage and confirm additional distance rates, as some shops limit free daily mileage to 100km or less before surcharges apply. Ask if your rental rate includes a helmet, locks, maintenance, insurance, etc.

Honda and Yamaha are the primary motorbike brands in Vietnam. Go for a 110-125cc model for the best balance of affordability, stability, and power for two passengers and luggage. Test drive any rental bike before accepting.

Required Documents to Rent a Motorbike

To legally rent and drive a motorbike in Vietnam, tourists need:

Valid Driver’s License

An official driver’s license from your home country is required. An International Driving Permit (IDP) is recommended but not always mandatory for short rentals under 30 days. Verify license requirements with individual rental shops.


Your valid passport is necessary as proof of ID and visa status in Vietnam. Leave it as a deposit if you don’t pay a cash deposit.

Deposit or Cash Payment

Most motorbike rentals in Binh Duong require a deposit of around 3,000,000 to 5,000,000 VND (~$125-225 USD). This is held until the bike is returned undamaged. Instead of a deposit, some shops allow full prepayment of the rental fee in cash.

Inspecting the Motorbike

Thoroughly inspect any rental motorbike and test drive it before accepting the bike. This head-to-toe check protects against rental scams and surprises on the road like breakdowns or flats.

Check Tires, Brakes, Lights, Oil Levels

Walk a full lap around the bike and meticulously check:

  • Tires for adequate tread depth and any damages
  • Brakes to ensure they fully stop the bike
  • All lights and signals to confirm functionality
  • Oil levels to ensure fluids are topped up

Test Drive Around the Block

Take a quick spin around the neighborhood to check:

  • Acceleration and responsiveness of the engine
  • Proper braking force when stopping
  • Handling around corners and over bumps
  • Steady running without sputtering or strange sounds

Take Photos for Existing Damages

Thoroughly look over every surface of the bike and photograph any existing scratches, dents, rust, or other pre-existing damage. Review these with the shop to record the bike’s condition at rental start.

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Road Rules and Safety Tips

Vietnam road rules and culture differ greatly from Western countries. Here are key laws and safety tips for navigating Vietnamese roads safely on a motorbike:

Drive on the Right, Use Horns Judiciously

  • Always drive on the RIGHT side of the road. This takes conscious effort if coming from countries that drive on the left.
  • Use horns frequently to warn other vehicles when passing them or at intersections. But avoid long annoying honks.

Obey Speed Limits, Traffic Signals

  • Never speed. Obey all posted speed limits and go slower in urban crowded areas. Speeding fines are steep.
  • Stop at all traffic lights and signs. Running a red light risks a 500,000 VND fine.
  • Yield to traffic already in intersections or turning.

Defensive Driving

  • Drive defensively assuming other vehicles won’t stop or yield.
  • Focus intently on the traffic scene ahead. Expect the unexpected.
  • Be very visible to other vehicles with lights, signals, horns.

Use Your Lights

  • Turn on headlights at dusk/night to increase visibility.
  • Use turn signals for every maneuver or lane change.

What to Do in a Collision

Minimize motorbike collisions by driving cautiously. But accidents can still happen on chaotic Vietnamese roads. If a collision occurs:

Move Vehicle off Road, Assess Damages

  • Move involved vehicles off the roadway onto the shoulder to avoid obstructing traffic and causing other accidents.
  • Check yourself and any passenger for injuries and call emergency services if needed.
  • Inspect your rental bike and the other vehicle for extent of damages.

Exchange Information with Other Driver

  • Exchange name, phone, vehicle, insurance info with the other driver. Get contact details of any witnesses.
  • Take pictures documenting damage to both vehicles and the accident scene.
  • Do not admit fault or make promises of payment.

Alert Police/Authorities

  • Call the police to file an accident report. This is needed for insurance claims. Get a copy of the police report.
  • Stay on scene until the officer finishes investigating the collision circumstances.

Contact Rental Shop

  • Immediately call your rental shop, provide details, and determine next steps regarding repairs, replacement bike rental, report submission, etc. Comply with their procedures.

Returning the Motorbike

When your epic motorbiking trip through Binh Duong comes to an end, here are the proper procedures for returning your rental bike:

Refill Gas Tank

Check your rental agreement, but most shops require returning the bike with a full gas tank. Fill up right before drop off. Keep the receipt as proof.

Clean Off Dirt

Use soap and water to wipe off any mud or dirt accumulated on the bike so it looks shiny clean. The shop may charge cleaning fees for dirty returns.

Check for New Damages

Carefully inspect the bike just as you did at rental start. Look for any new dents, scratches, defects. Point these out to the shop staff.

Receive Deposit Refund

Assuming you returned an undamaged bike on time, the shop will refund your deposit. Verify receipt of your full deposit amount before leaving the premises.

Congratulations on successfully completing your Binh Duong motorbiking adventure!

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Driving to Main Attractions

Now for suggestions on top destinations to experience via your rented motorbike around Binh Duong province:

Mountains and Trails

The best motorbiking routes are through the mountains, forests, and scenic rural roads surrounding Binh Duong. Top spots include:

  • Mỹ Phước Eco-tourism – Submerged forest and rubber tree trails perfect for motorbikes.
  • Đá Bàng National Park – Lush mountain roads through protected tropical forest.
  • Minh Dam Mountain – Ride through green hills to this scenic peak with panoramic views.
  • Cu Chi Tunnels – Drive past rice paddies to explore this historic war site.


Cool off from the tropical heat at scenic beaches in nearby coastal provinces like:

  • Hồ Cốc Beach – Sandy beaches with resorts perfect for swimming.
  • Dã Tượng Beach – Kite surfing and fresh seafood restaurants.
  • Ho Tram Beach – Relax in beach chairs under palm trees.
  • Vũng Tàu Beaches – Weekend trip to coastal city with many beach options.

Parks and Temples

Ride through charming Vietnamese landscapes to cultural sites like:

  • Dầu Tiếng Lake National Park – Lotus flowers and Buddhist temples.
  • Minh Đạm Temple – Intricate Buddhist temple surrounded by lakes.
  • Bàu Sấu Temple – Colorful island temple on the Sài Gòn River.
  • Suối Tiên Theme Park – Amusement park with fun rides and performances.

Alternative Transportation Options

While motorbiking is an iconic way to explore Vietnam, it’s not for everyone. Here are other transport options in Binh Duong:

Ride-Hailing Services

Apps like Grab or GoViet offer affordable private car services with drivers familiar with key destinations. Useful if you don’t want to navigate roads yourself.

Buses and Trains

Public buses and trains like Saigon Metro connect major cities in Binh Duong. Cheap but less flexible.

Walking and Biking

Many attractions like Buddhist temples are enjoyable to walk or bike around at a leisurely pace. Avoid motor traffic.


We hope this guide gives you all the tips and knowledge needed to successfully rent a motorbike and explore the very ridable province of Binh Duong, Vietnam. Freedom of the open road awaits! Drive safely and have an unforgettable trip. Let us know if you have any other motorbiking questions!

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