Essential Info for Foreigners on Renting Motorbikes in Binh Phuoc, Vietnam

Renting Motorbikes in Binh Phuoc
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Binh Phuoc is a beautiful province in southeast Vietnam, bordering Cambodia. With its scenic natural landscapes, historic temples, and fascinating cultural sites, it’s a popular destination for adventure travelers. The best way to fully explore Binh Phuoc is by motorbike, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to discover hidden gems at your own pace.

Renting a motorbike gives you access to parts of Binh Phuoc not served by public transportation. Road conditions vary from modern highways to bumpy rural routes, so a motorbike rental gives you the mobility to experience it all. However, there are essential things for foreigners to know in order to rent and ride safely in Vietnam. This guide provides everything you need – from choosing a motorbike to following traffic rules – for a wonderful motorbiking experience in Binh Phuoc.

Reasons for Renting Motorbikes in Binh Phuoc


The main reason to rent a motorbike in Binh Phuoc is convenience. With a motorbike, you can explore wherever you want on your own schedule. Public transportation options are limited, but a motorbike allows you to reach rural destinations and stop spontaneously at interesting spots along the way. You won’t waste precious time waiting for buses or haggling with taxi drivers. The freedom of a motorbike is ideal for adventurous travelers who want to discover Binh Phuoc at their own pace.

Fun Way to Explore

Another great reason to rent a motorbike is that it’s an incredibly fun way to explore the province! Feel the wind in your hair as you cruise through picturesque landscapes and small villages. Stopping for refreshing drinks and chatting with friendly locals is much more enjoyable when you’re not reliant on public transport. The thrill of riding through the Vietnamese countryside as you discover cultural gems and natural beauty makes for an unforgettable travel experience.

Types of Motorbikes for Rent

You’ll find two main types of motorbikes for rent in Binh Phuoc – manual transmission or automatic transmission. Each has advantages depending on your riding experience.

Manual Motorbikes

Manual motorbikes are the traditional style requiring you to shift gears yourself. The two most common manual models are:

Honda Wave

The Honda Wave is a popular manual rental choice thanks to its reliability and ease of use. It has a 125cc engine and 4-speed transmission, providing decent power while remaining highly fuel efficient. The Wave handles well at low to moderate speeds on Binh Phuoc’s roads. Spare parts are easy to find if repairs are needed.

Yamaha Exciter

For a bit more power, the Yamaha Exciter has a 150cc engine and 5-speed manual transmission. It delivers stronger acceleration and high top speeds. Experienced motorbike riders prefer the Exciter for its sportier performance and handling when riding long highway stretches. It’s also comfortable for carrying a passenger.

Automatic Motorbikes

Automatic motorbikes have gears that shift themselves, allowing you to focus on riding. They’re ideal if you’re a beginner motorbike rider or prefer machines similar to scooters. The two common automatic rentals are:

Honda Airblade

The Honda Airblade is a 125cc automatic motorbike that’s easy to operate. Twist the throttle and go – no gear changing needed. It provides good power for riding around towns and shorter day trips. The Airblade is nimble and gets great gas mileage.

Yamaha Janus

With a 110cc engine, the compact Janus is Yamaha’s automatic motorbike model. It’s lightweight and very manageable for new riders. The Janus works well for local exploring but lacks power for long highway rides. Automatic clutch and gears make driving effortless.

When choosing between manual or automatic transmission, consider your level of motorbiking experience. Manual is better for confident riders who enjoy performance and control. Automatics are suited to beginner riders prioritizing ease of use.

Rental Companies in Binh Phuoc

Several options exist when looking to rent a motorbike in Binh Phuoc. Major national companies have offices in the province, while small local shops also offer rentals.

Major Rental Companies

Reputable nationwide operators are reliable choices for foreigners renting motorbikes in Binh Phuoc:

Tigit Motorbikes

Known for high quality motorbikes, excellent customer service and transparent pricing, Tigit Motorbikes has an office in Binh Phuoc’s capital, Dong Xoai City. They offer Honda and Yamaha motorbikes, both manual and automatic, for rent. You can reserve online and they provide assistance with documents and licensing.

Saigon Scooter Centre

This experienced company has been renting motorbikes to foreigners since 2009. Their Dong Xoai City branch rents manual Honda Waves starting from 100,000 VND per day. You can extend your rental online without returning the bike. Saigon Scooter Centre focuses on budget travelers and solo motorbikers.

Local Motorbike Shops

Small, family-run rental shops are found throughout Binh Phuoc’s cities and towns. Rates are often cheaper but the motorbikes may be older. Check conditions thoroughly before renting. Shop owners generally speak limited English. While less polished than major companies, local shops offer insight into Vietnamese entrepreneurship.

Explore your options to choose a rental company fitting your budget and style. Major operators provide premium bikes and service, while local shops promise an authentic experience.

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Required Documents for Foreigners

When renting a motorbike in Vietnam, having the proper paperwork is crucial. As a foreigner, you’ll need:

  • Valid passport – Your original passport must be presented when renting a motorbike in Binh Phuoc. Photocopies are not accepted. Ensure your passport is valid for at least the full rental period.
  • Valid Vietnam visa – Show your valid Vietnam visa when arranging your motorbike rental. Tourist visas are suitable for short-term rentals under 30 days. For longer rentals, you may need a business or work visa.
  • Motorbike license from home country – You must hold a valid motorbike license from your home country to legally drive in Vietnam. An International Driving Permit (IDP) based on your license is highly recommended but technically not required for short visits under 3 months.

Don’t lose these important documents while motorbiking through Binh Phuoc! Carry photocopies separately or store digital copies online as backups.

Rental Rates and Payment

Motorbike rental rates in Binh Phuoc are quite reasonable, though prices fluctuate between companies and models. Expect to pay:

  • Daily rates – 100,000 to 150,000 VND per day is standard for short 1-3 day rentals. Some shops may charge higher foreigner rates. Weekly and monthly discounts usually apply for longer rentals.
  • Weekly rates – You can rent motorbikes for a full week for around 500,000 to 800,000 VND. This longer booking often includes a discount. Weekly rentals are popular for exploring Binh Phuoc and surrounding provinces.
  • Cash or credit card – Most shops accept payment in Vietnamese Dong cash only. Major rental companies like Tigit process online credit card payments for prepaid bookings, but otherwise expect cash payment.

When booking, clarify rental rates, discounts, mileage allowances, and payment methods available. Understand all pricing details to avoid unexpected charges later.

Safety Gear and Training

Safety should be your top priority when motorbiking in Vietnam. Proper gear and training reduce driving risks.

Helmet Rental and Purchase

  • Always wear a helmet when riding a motorbike in Vietnam – it’s legally required. Quality helmets are available for rent or purchase from rental shops. Prices range from 20,000 to 150,000 VND. Buy a helmet if renting for over a week. Ensure proper fit and fastening.
  • Open-faced helmets are popular in Vietnam, but full-face helmets offer more protection. Look for DOT or SNELL safety certification when purchasing a helmet.

Additional Safety Gear

  • Consider wearing a lightweight motorcycle jacket, gloves, and enclosed shoes for protection against falls. Vietnam’s hot climate makes wearing full motorcycle leathers impractical. Pack eye protection like sunglasses or a face shield.
  • Bright or reflective clothing helps other vehicles see you, especially at night. Use reflective tape if your clothing is darker colored.

Practice Riding

  • If you’re an inexperienced rider, take time to practice riding your rented motorbike in a safe area away from traffic. Empty parking lots are ideal for improving control and confidence before hitting the road. Review the gear shifts and brake locations until operating the motorbike feels comfortable.

Following safety best practices reduces the inherent risks of riding a motorbike in Vietnam. Invest in protection for peace of mind.

Road Rules and Safety Tips

Vietnamese traffic can seem chaotic, but learning some basic road rules and defensive techniques will help you stay safe:

Traffic Patterns

  • Traffic moves on the right side of the road in Vietnam. Pass slower vehicles on their left.
  • Learn to watch out for vehicles from all directions. Traffic flows from every angle. Drive defensively.
  • Use your horn liberally to make your presence known when passing.

Safe Driving Tips

  • Ride within your abilities. Don’t overestimate your motorbiking skills. Start slow.
  • Wear gear, ride sober, and stay alert. Sun, heat, partying, and fatigue all impair your ability to ride safely.
  • Reduce speed near schools, villages, and intersections. Assume pedestrians or vehicles may suddenly enter your path.
  • Avoid high speeds, especially at night on unlit roads. Driving safety standards in Vietnam are lower than developed countries.
  • If needing to stop roadside, pull fully off the road. Breakdowns are common, so drivers expect stopped vehicles.

Patience and defensive driving will help you safely navigate Binh Phuoc’s roads like a pro!

Maintenance and Repairs

Renting a motorbike makes dealing with breakdowns and maintenance easy. Follow these steps:

Pre-Rental Inspection

  • Thoroughly inspect the motorbike before accepting rental and note any existing damage. Test gears, brakes, lights, and tires so problems can’t be blamed on you later. Take date-stamped photos evidencing the bike’s initial condition.

Reporting Issues

  • Notify the rental shop immediately if you experience mechanical problems, damage, or flat tires during the rental. Avoid makeshift repairs yourself. The shop is responsible for fixing their vehicles.
  • Flat tires or running out of fuel are common issues in Vietnam. Call your rental shop right away for assistance dealing with breakdowns. Carry their contact details.

Liability for Damages

  • Review your rental terms as you may be financially liable for new damage caused during your rental period. Avoiding additional damage is wise. Protecting the vehicle from theft is your responsibility.
  • Park safely, lock the steering, and keep keys secure. Many policies include deductibles for theft claims.

Following rental shop recommended maintenance helps demonstrate you are not negligent if issues later occur. Responsible renters minimize headaches for all parties.

Insurance Options

Insurance provides vital financial protection when motorbiking in Vietnam. Consider these options:

Rental Company Insurance

  • Basic insurance is usually included from rental companies, covering personal injury and third-party liability up to minimum Vietnamese policy limits. This insurance may exclude damages to the rental bike itself.
  • Optional premium insurance from rental companies provides higher coverage limits and reduces your liability for damage to the bike. This upgrades protection but increases rental costs.

International Travel Insurance

  • Check whether your existing travel insurance policy from home covers motorbike accidents overseas. Policies differ, so verify coverage.
  • If renting a motorbike for a longer Southeast Asia trip, extend or upgrade insurance to include accident and injury protection specific to motorbiking activities.

Buying optional insurance from rental companies or travel insurers eases worries about financial risks from potential motorbike mishaps in Vietnam. The extra cost is minor for valuable peace of mind.

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With sweeping mountain vistas, riverside roads, and cultural treasures, Binh Phuoc promises amazing adventures for those renting motorbikes. Follow this guide to choose the perfect motorbike rental and ride safely as a foreigner in Vietnam. Respect local driving etiquette, bring all required documents, and prioritize safety gear. Then sit back and revel in the freedom of experiencing Binh Phuoc’s beauty at your own speed. Let the motorbiking memories begin!

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