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Motorbikes are the most popular means of transportation in Vietnam. With the growing influx of tourists, the demand for motorbike rentals has increased exponentially. While traditionally motorbike rental shops only accepted cash payments, many are now adapting to accept digital payments as well. This offers convenience for customers and several benefits for the rental businesses.

Overview of motorbike rental shops in Vietnam

  • Motorbikes outnumber cars by 10 to 1 in Vietnam.
  • There are thousands of motorbike rental shops across cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, etc.
  • Small family-run businesses form the bulk of rental shops.
  • Rental rates range from 100,000 VND to 300,000 VND per day.
  • Manual 100-150cc motorbikes are most commonly rented.
  • Rentals are ideal for tourists to explore Vietnam’s cities & countryside.

Popularity of digital payments in Vietnam

  • Cash has traditionally dominated payments in Vietnam.
  • But digital payments are gaining popularity driven by:
  • Government initiatives
  • Smartphone/Internet penetration
  • Banking access
  • E-wallets like Momo, ZaloPay, etc.
  • By 2025, digital payments expected to reach $70 billion.
  • Younger Vietnamese consumers now prefer digital payments.

Benefits of digital payments for rental shops


  • Customers do not need to withdraw cash before renting.
  • Remote bookings possible via apps/websites.
  • Quick checkout & payments on spot via cards/e-wallets.


  • Reduced risk of physical cash handling.
  • Secure encrypted transactions via official gateways.
  • Digital records help verify transactions.

Transaction records

  • Digital receipts for rental payments.
  • Records useful for bookkeeping and accounting.
  • Analytics to understand customer behavior.

Types of digital payments accepted

Credit/Debit cards

  • Accepted widely across Vietnam now.
  • Allows international customers to pay conveniently.
  • May require POS terminal, additional fees per transaction.


  • Mobile apps like Momo, ZaloPay, AirPay gaining popularity.
  • Customers can pay via linked debit/credit card or cash balance.
  • Quick QR scan or phone number based transfers.

Bank transfers

  • Rentals can provide bank account details to transfer payments.
  • Useful for remote bookings and deposits.
  • May require additional time to reflect in accounts.

Major motorbike rental chains accepting digital payments

Major chains operating across Vietnam are early adopters of digital payment acceptance.

Motorbike Thu Ha

  • Largest foreigner-operated motorbike rental in Vietnam.
  • Accepts Visa, MasterCard, JCB payment on website bookings.
  • Also accept direct bank transfers for deposits & payments.

Saigon Scooter Centre

  • Well-known centrally located rental in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express cards.
  • Also allows Momo e-wallet for rental payments and deposits.

The Bike Shop

  • Popular rental chain in Hanoi and Hoi An.
  • Accepts Visa, MasterCard, JCB cards on website payments.
  • Also allows ZaloPay mobile wallet payments at rental outlets.

Smaller local rental shops and digital payments

Smaller family-run shops are also catching up with digital payment capabilities due to the following factors:

  • Increasingly tech-savvy younger owners.
  • Availability of cheap card readers.
  • User-friendly payment gateways and apps.

Many allow direct bank transfers for deposits and advance payments. Popular apps like Momo are also accepted at some outlets to attract youth customers.

However, the prevalence is still relatively low compared to major chains. Cash remains the dominant payment mode for small rentals.

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Challenges for shops in accepting digital payments

While digital payments offer benefits, shops also face some deterrents.

Transaction fees

  • Card payments incur 1-2% charges per transaction.
  • Apps also charge a fee on payments.
  • Reduces profit margins on already low rental rates.

Internet connectivity

  • Smaller shops may lack stable internet access.
  • Disruptions can hamper digital payment processing.

Manual cash habits

  • Owners used to cash-only transactions are slow to adapt.
  • Lack of awareness on digital payment integration.
  • Prefer avoiding fee charges.

Tips for customers on using digital payments

If you wish to use digital payments for motorbike rentals in Vietnam, here are some tips:

  • Research in advance which shops accept digital payments.
  • Inform rental shop about payment mode before booking.
  • Carry a credit/debit card with global usage enabled.
  • Install e-wallet apps like Momo, ZaloPay, have sufficient balance.
  • For bank transfers, have beneficiary details handy.
  • Always ask for proper receipts for digital payments.
  • Confirm if any additional charges applicable.

Digital payment trends among motorbike rental shops

While digital payment adoption is still evolving, some trends are noticeable among motorbike rental shops:

Website payments more common

  • Larger chains enable online bookings and payments more readily.
  • Websites seamlessly integrate payment gateways.
  • Smaller shops may lack resources to develop online platforms.

E-wallets gaining traction

  • Younger Vietnamese consumers prefer using e-wallets.
  • Apps like Momo, ZaloPay, AirPay gaining user base.
  • Allow quick in-person QR code scans or cash transfers.
  • Offer promotional incentives encouraging adoption.

Rural-urban divide

  • Digital payments more common in major cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh.
  • Rural shops still dependent on cash transactions.
  • Urban youth drive demand for cashless transactions.

Foreigner customers spur adoption

  • Many foreign tourists prefer digital payment modes.
  • Chains targeting foreigners have adapted faster.
  • Smaller shops also follow suit if servicing foreign customers.

COVID-19 accelerated shift

  • Social distancing policies discouraged cash exchange.
  • Pushed more shops to offer contactless digital options.
  • May lead to permanent consumer behavioral shifts.

Challenges apart from transaction fees

Some other challenges faced by motorbike rental shops in digital payment adoption:

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Receiving payments abroad

  • Many foreigner customers prepay from overseas.
  • Receiving international transfers costly and slow.

Language barriers

  • Explaining digital payment process becomes difficult with foreign tourists unable to speak Vietnamese.
  • Language gap deters shops from promoting such options.

Limited tech expertise

  • Shop staff may lack training on using payment devices and software.
  • Discourages shops from investing in new infrastructure.

Risk of fraudulent transactions

  • Lack of physical verification in digital payments.
  • Possibility of customers using stolen cards, false transfers.

Tax implications

  • Concerns about proper digital accounting and reporting for taxes.
  • Casual cash income easier to underreport earlier.

Future outlook for digital payments

The digital payments landscape among motorbike rental shops in Vietnam looks optimistic:

  • Government aims for cashless economy by 2025.
  • Banks, e-wallets competing to expand market share.
  • Tourism sector projected to keep growing post-pandemic.
  • Vietnamese youth embracing cashless transactions.
  • Costs of card readers, POS devices reducing.
  • Gradual technology familiarization among shop owners.

Wider infrastructure and policy reforms can accelerate digital adoption:

  • Upgrading internet connectivity across Vietnam.
  • Incentives for shops to install digital payment systems.
  • Lowering transaction fee costs.
  • Increasing cybersecurity.
  • Simplified tax regulations for digital payments.
  • Mandating digital payment options across sectors.

With the right regulatory environment and infrastructure in place, Vietnam is poised to realize the goal of higher digital penetration in day to day economic activities including the thriving motorbike rental industry.


While cash still prevails, digital payments are rising across Vietnam including for motorbike rentals. Major chains are ahead in adopting digital payments, but small shops are also catching up slowly. For tourists and locals alike, paying digitally for motorbike rentals can enhance convenience, security and record keeping. As infrastructure and awareness improves further, digital payments may become the norm across the thriving motorbike rental industry in Vietnam.


  • Motorbike rentals are popular among tourists in Vietnam.
  • Digital payments are growing, offer benefits over cash transactions.
  • Major chains accept credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets.
  • Smaller shops also adopting but cash remains dominant.
  • Customers should research, carry proper digital payment modes.
  • Digital payments offer convenience but challenges exist for shops.
  • Infrastructure and mindset changes can drive more digital adoption.

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