What discounts are offered for weekly/monthly rentals in Vietnam?

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Vietnam is quickly becoming one of Southeast Asia’s top destinations for travelers looking for an affordable and exotic vacation. The country boasts lush landscapes, golden beaches, historic cities, mouthwatering cuisine and a vibrant culture. For many visitors, the best way to experience all that Vietnam has to offer is by spending an extended amount of time travelling through the country.

Renting an apartment, villa, homestay or hostel on a weekly or monthly basis can be a great way to save money compared to booking multiple hotels or resorts. Discounts are often offered for longer rental stays, allowing you to unlock the best deals.

Types of rental properties in Vietnam

Vietnam offers a wide variety of rental accommodations to meet any style of travel and budget. Here are some of the most popular rental options:


Fully furnished apartments are available to rent by the week or month in cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Nha Trang. Apartment complexes will often have pools, gyms, cafes and other amenities. Ideal for travelers who want more of a home base.


Luxurious villas are available, especially on the beautiful tropical island of Phu Quoc. Complete with a private pool and modern amenities, villas allow for a relaxing and indulgent vacation. Great for family vacations or a special occasion.


Homestays rented from local families are a wonderful way to experience authentic Vietnamese culture and hospitality. Visitors can enjoy home cooked meals and gain insight into daily Vietnamese life. Homestays are available throughout the country.


Hostels offer basic dorm-style accommodation and private rooms predominately in the major backpacker destinations. Great for solo travellers looking to meet other travellers and stick to a budget. Hostels often have bars, pools, tours and other perks.

Weekly rental discounts

Booking an apartment, villa, homestay or hostel by the week can lead to attractive discounts in Vietnam. Here are some of the typical discounts offered:

  • 10-20% discounts are very common when booking 7 night stays compared to the daily rate. Some properties will simply offer a weekly rate.
  • Higher discounts for last-minute bookings – Some properties will offer even bigger discounts for same-week bookings, allowing them to fill vacancies. Discounts of 25-35% off are possible.
  • Discounts are higher in low season – The low season from May to September sees lower demand, meaning properties offer larger discounts to attract rentals during this period.

By booking weekly rentals instead of nightly, travellers can save hundreds of dollars on the total cost of long term stays. Being flexible with dates can lead to even better weekly rental rates.

Monthly rental discounts

Even greater savings are available for monthly stays lasting 28 days or longer. Discounts typically range from:

  • 20-40% discounts are common when comparing the monthly rate to the average nightly or weekly cost. Discounts increase for peak season stays.
  • Big discounts for 3+ month stays – Stays of 90+ days can see massive 50%+ discounts as owners offer very favorable long term rates. Great for digital nomads or expats.
  • Best monthly prices in low season – Just like weekly rates, the low season sees substantially lower monthly pricing as demand decreases between May and September.

For travellers planning an extended stay of a month or longer, booking a monthly rental can make accommodation costs much more affordable. Monthly rates allow you to live comfortably in Vietnam at an attractive price point.

“I saved nearly $800 by booking a villa in Phu Quoc for the month rather than paying nightly rates” said James, a digital nomad living in Vietnam. “The owners offered me a special monthly price, such a great deal!”

Low season vs. High season

One factor that greatly impacts the level of discount received for weekly and monthly rentals is Vietnam’s seasonal demand cycle:

  • Low season – The low season in Vietnam runs from May to September. Lower demand leads to bigger discounts during this period. Great for budget-focused travellers.
  • High season – The high season falls between October and April. Higher demand means less generous discounts, but weather is ideal. Peak times are around Christmas/New Years and Vietnamese New Year (Tet) in late January or February.
  • Bigger discounts available in low season – Both weekly and monthly rates can be up to 50% lower in the low season compared to peak high season pricing for equivalent rentals.

Visiting Vietnam in low season means fewer crowds, lower prices and a greater chance of experiencing daily Vietnamese life. For the best deals on long term rentals, target stays between May and September.

“We saved 30% booking our 2 month stay in Da Nang during summer” mentioned Ana, a traveller who visited in July. “It was hot, but we spent most of our time in the pool anyway!”

Popular destinations with rental discounts

Nearly all destinations across Vietnam offer discounted weekly and monthly rates to attract travellers seeking longer stays. However, some locations stand out for their high quality rentals options and great value pricing. Here are 5 of the most popular places for longer rentals:


As the capital, Hanoi offers many modern apartments for rent by the week or month. Discounts get especially high in summer. Hanoi serves as a great base for exploring Northern Vietnam.

“I rented an apartment in Hanoi’s Old Quarter and received a 35% monthly discount. Made my stay so affordable” said Mike, a monthly renter.

Ho Chi Minh City

The bustling city of Ho Chi Minh has a wide selection of discounted rental properties. Monthly stays are very popular among digital nomads with savvy hosts negotiating the best deals.

Da Nang

Known for its beaches, food and proximity to historic Hoi An, Da Nang has some great rental villas and apartments available with weekly/monthly discounts. Stays are very affordable here.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang’s high-rise apartments offer amazing ocean views with generous low season promotions. Expect to save lots booking longer stays between May and September.

“The discounts we received by booking our Nha Trang apartment monthly were incredible. Well over 40% off!” said Lily, who rented for 2 months.

Phu Quoc

As a popular island destination, Phu Quoc has many villas and beach bungalows with tempting weekly and monthly rates, especially in the low season. A great place to unwind for a few weeks.

No matter your preferred destination in Vietnam, extended weekly and monthly rental stays are an affordable way to fully experience what each place has to offer. Make sure to compare prices in low vs. high season.

Booking platforms offering discounts

Many booking platforms allow hosts and property managers to set special discounted pricing for weekly and monthly stays in Vietnam. Here are some of the top sites to search:

  • Airbnb – The most popular rental platform worldwide, Airbnb offers thousands of discounted weekly/monthly listings across Vietnam. Expect to save 20-50%.
  • Booking.com – Booking.com has an extensive selection of apartments, villas, homestays and hostels with weekly/monthly rates. Discounts displayed upfront.
  • Agoda – Popular in Asia, Agoda shows discounted longer stay pricing on qualifying Vietnam rentals. Special promotions offered.
  • Traveloka – Leading Southeast Asia site Traveloka displays weekly/monthly rates discounted up to 40% or more.

Using platforms allows you to easily compare rates across multiple properties and lock-in discounts. Make sure to also check rental company websites directly as sometimes they offer lower prices than third-party sites.

“We compared rates for our Nha Trang rental on Agoda, Airbnb and directly with the host. Agoda had the best monthly deal” explained Marco, a savvy traveller.

Negotiating further discounts

The advertised weekly and monthly prices are just the starting point. Additional discounts are often available by negotiating directly with rental hosts and property managers. Here are some proven tips:

  • Book longer stays – Ask about pricing for stays of 2+ months – many will offer an additional discount to incentivize extended bookings during low seasons.
  • Travel in low season – Dates between May to September provide more bargaining power – use this to ask for at least 10% below the listed rate.
  • Contact host directly – Email or call the host before booking to introduce yourself and make a personalized rate request. Many will agree to a reasonable discount.
  • Suggest alternative payment – Offering to pay with cash, bank transfer or PayPal can save the host processing fees. See if they pass some savings to you.

With negotiation and flexibility on dates, it’s possible to lower the cost of Vietnam rentals by an extra 10-20% below advertised specials. Weekly and monthly rates still provide great value even if you pay the sticker price.

Payment methods

There are several payment options available when booking discounted weekly and monthly rentals in Vietnam:

  • Credit card – Paying by Visa or MasterCard allows you to earn rewards and provides protection. Cards are accepted at most rentals.
  • PayPal – For rentals booked on platforms like Airbnb, PayPal serves as a convenient payment method. Transfers money instantly.
  • Bank transfer – Renters may receive a discount by doing a bank transfer instead of credit card payment. Takes a few days to process.
  • Cash – Some hosts may provide a discount for paying cash upon arrival, avoiding processing fees. But less recourse if issues arise.
  • Other methods – Some booking platforms offer additional options like installment plans, direct debit from bank accounts etc.

Be sure to understand the payment and cancellation policies before confirming your booking – they vary between hosts. Paying by credit card provides the greatest protection as a renter.

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Taxes and fees

A few additional taxes and fees are typically charged on top of the rental cost:

  • VAT tax – A 10% value added tax applies to rentals in Vietnam. Already included in the listed rates on most booking platforms.
  • Cleaning fees – One time cleaning fees average $20-40 USD and are paid per stay. More for larger multi-room properties.
  • Security deposits – Refundable security deposits against damages average $200-500 USD and are due upon arrival.
  • Electricity fees – Stays 30+ days may have monthly electricity usage fees added on, usually just a few dollars per month.
  • Service fees – Platforms like Airbnb charge service fees to the host of usually 3-5% of the reservation total.

Understanding tax and fee obligations upfront ensures no surprise charges at the time of payment or during your stay. Deposits are fully refundable if the property is left undamaged.

Top tips for finding the best deals

Here are some expert tips for unlocking the biggest discounts on weekly and monthly rentals in Vietnam:

  • Be flexible on dates – Adjust your trip dates around high/low season if possible. Last-minute bookings also bring savings.
  • Check multiple sites – Don’t rely on just Airbnb or Booking.com, comparing across several platforms results in the best deal.
  • Book early for high season – Related to flexibility – if staying in high season book 4-6 months out to have the most choices for discounted rates.
  • Browse incognito – Booking sites may inflate pricing if they detect repeat searches. Use incognito browsing for honest prices.
  • Leverage promotions – Take advantage of any limited time sales, coupon codes or special offers to maximize value.
  • Negotiate a deal – Respectfully request a 10-20% discount below listed weekly/monthly prices with the host or property manager.

With the right strategy, finding an amazing rental in Vietnam at a discounted price is simple. Following these tips will help you unlock the lowest rates.

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Booking extended weekly or monthly stays is a great way for travellers to save substantially on accommodation costs in Vietnam. Discounts ranging from 10% to over 50% are commonly offered compared to nightly rates, providing amazing value.

Larger discounts are available in low season between May and September, but Vietnam remains an incredible destination year-round. Apartments, villas, homestays and hostels all offer tempting longer stay promotions across popular destinations like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Nha Trang and Phu Quoc.

Use booking platforms like Airbnb or Booking.com to easily find rentals offering special weekly and monthly pricing. Consider negotiating an additional discount with hosts for maximum savings. For the best deals, be flexible on dates and trip length.

Spending a week or month living in Vietnam through an affordable rental allows for complete immersion into Vietnamese life and culture. Take advantage of discounted longer stays to unlock the trip of a lifetime!

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