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Riding a motorbike offers freedom, adventure, and convenience. However, finding places to fuel up or park your bike can be a hassle in unfamiliar areas. Thankfully, there are now handy smartphone apps to help you locate gas stations and motorcycle parking no matter where you roam.

Popular Apps for Motorbikes

When it comes to apps aimed at motorcyclists, two key categories stand out for helping locate essential amenities:

Gas Locating Apps

These apps specialize in showing you the nearest and cheapest gas stations. They can save riders time and money on fuel.


GasBuddy is a top-rated app with a highly engaged community of users who share real-time gas prices and station details. It offers an easy-to-use interface and advanced features.


FuelFinder provides an offline, GPS-enabled map of gas stations all over North America. You can filter by fuel type, get turn-by-turn navigation, and see price estimates.

Parking Apps

Designed for bikers, these parking apps map out spaces designated for motorcycles and scooters. They make parking a breeze in congested urban areas.


SpotAngels shows motorcycle parking locations with availability in real-time. You can reserve spots, pay parking fees via the app, and get reminders when time is running out.


Parkopedia has detailed listings of cheap and secure motorcycle parking facilities. Users can check prices, restrictions, ratings, photos, and more.

Benefits of Gas Locating Apps

Apps like GasBuddy and FuelFinder provide motorcyclists with vital info for fuel stops, offering the following advantages:

  • Find lowest gas prices – See gas station prices mapped out so you can plan the most affordable fuel stops. Save cash by choosing the cheapest gas along your route.
  • Locate gas stations along route – Easily locate stations near your location or along planned routes, ensuring you never run dry on the road.
  • Get rewards and discounts – Some apps provide coupons, cash back rewards, and loyalty programs that lead to further gas savings over time.

Features of GasBuddy

With 50 million monthly users, GasBuddy is the undisputed leader in crowdsourcing gas prices. Key features include:

Crowdsourced Gas Prices

GasBuddy’s community regularly updates fuel prices at over 150,000 stations in the US, Canada, and Australia. The prices are extremely accurate in real-time.

Price History and Alerts

View daily, weekly, and yearly price trends at local stations. Set up price drop alerts to get notified when gas prices fall in your area.

Gas Station Amenities

GasBuddy listings include station ratings, reviews, hours, directions, payment methods, and on-site amenities like restrooms, EV charging, shops, etc.

Benefits of FuelFinder

FuelFinder sets itself apart by being usable offline, making it reliable for remote travel. Advantages include:

Works Offline

Download detailed maps so you can look up gas stations without cellular service or wifi – crucial when traveling remote backroads.

Filters for Fuel Type

Quickly find stations that offer the fuel type your bike needs – whether it is regular gasoline, super unleaded, diesel, or something else.

Navigation to Gas Station

FuelFinder provides turn-by-turn voice guided GPS navigation to get you directly to the chosen gas station.

Benefits of Parking Apps

Parking apps provide motorcycle riders with an easy way to find designated spots by offering these helpful features:

Find Motorcycle Parking Spots

Quickly locate garages and spots on streets that allow motorcycle parking. Filters help find spots where you can park safely and legally.

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Reserve Parking in Advance

Some apps let you book motorcycle parking in advance to guarantee you have a spot waiting when you arrive. This is extremely useful in crowded cities.

Pay for Parking via App

No more fumbling for change at the meter! Many parking apps allow you to pay parking fees directly from your smartphone.

Features of SpotAngels

With over 5 million users, SpotAngels is the top parking app for motorcycles and scooters. Useful capabilities include:

Motorcycle Parking Filters

Easily filter your search by motorcycle parking, along with other filters like pricing, availability, EV charging, etc.

Real-time Availability

The app shows motorcycle parking spots and tells you in real-time if they are occupied, free, or time-restricted.

Payments and Reservations

Reserve and pay for motorcycle parking in advance through the app at various parking garages and lots.

Capabilities of Parkopedia

While designed for all vehicles, Parkopedia has capabilities very useful for motorcyclists:

Parking Spot Descriptions

Listings provide details if the parking spot or facility is suitable for motorcycles, along with space dimensions, height restrictions, and more.

Navigation and Pricing

Get GPS guidance to motorcycle parking locations. View hourly/daily/monthly pricing to find the cheapest option.

Ratings and Reviews

See ratings and read reviews of parking facilities from other motorcyclists regarding ease of access, security, costs, etc.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Apps

When selecting a gas or parking app for your motorbike, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Location Accuracy – The app should have precise, up-to-date location data for gas stations and parking spaces. Outdated info can lead you astray.
  • Ease of Use – Look for a clean, intuitive interface that makes finding and navigating to gas and parking simple.
  • Costs and Fees – Avoid apps with lots of annoying ads, subscriptions, or hidden fees. Favor ones with rewards programs.

Setting Up and Using the Apps

Getting started with gas and parking apps is quick and straightforward:

Downloading and Account Creation

Download the app to your smartphone from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Then create an account by providing your name, email, and password.

Saving Locations and Preferences

Input your home location, save favorite gas stations or parking spots, set price drop alerts, and customize your app preferences.

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Navigation and Payments

Use turn-by-turn navigation to guide you to chosen destinations. When parking, pay and manage parking fees conveniently through the app.

Potential Limitations

While gas and parking apps offer many benefits, a few potential downsides exist:

  • Reliance on Crowdsourcing – GasBuddy depends on user data input, so prices may lag in rural areas. But it offers the most robust database overall.
  • Availability in Small Towns – Parking apps work best in bigger cities. Coverage is spotty outside urban areas since fewer users input data.
  • Need for Mobile Data/Wifi – If searching on the go, you’ll need a smartphone data plan or wifi access. FuelFinder lets you download maps for offline use.


In summary, apps like GasBuddy, FuelFinder, SpotAngels, and Parkopedia provide valuable services for motorbike owners. Having these tools at your fingertips lets you save money on gas and reduces headaches finding parking in crowded areas. The right apps can make all the difference for a biker trying to cruise around in comfort on longer road trips or daily urban commuting. Give them a try before your next ride to breeze through your fuel stops and parking needs!

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