How can I find the most fuel efficient motorbike rentals?

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Finding a fuel efficient motorbike rental can save you money on gas during your travels. With gas prices fluctuating, maximizing fuel economy is important. This guide covers tips for finding motorbike rentals with great gas mileage.

Factors determining fuel efficiency in motorbikes

Several key factors impact how fuel efficient a motorbike is:

Engine size and type

  • Motorbikes with smaller engine sizes generally use less fuel. For example, a 250cc engine often gets better gas mileage than a 600cc engine.
  • Engine types also matter. Fuel injected engines tend to be more efficient than carbureted engines.

Motorbike weight

  • Heavier bikes require more fuel to accelerate and maintain speed. Lighter weight bikes improve efficiency.


  • How streamlined a motorbike is affects wind resistance and drag. Bikes with fairings and windscreens tend to be more aerodynamic.

Rider behavior

  • How a rider operates the motorbike influences gas mileage. Smooth acceleration, consistent speeds, and avoiding rapid starts/stops improves efficiency.

Popular fuel efficient motorbike models

Certain motorbike models are known for exceptional fuel economy. Good options to consider include:

Honda CB300R

  • Lightweight 286cc single cylinder engine
  • Up to 71 mpg estimated fuel efficiency
  • Beginner friendly with comfortable upright riding position

“I get about 65-70 mpg consistently in mixed riding on my Honda CB300R. It has plenty of power while remaining fuel efficient.” – Max E., Motorcycle Rider

Kawasaki Ninja 300

  • 296cc twin cylinder, fuel injected engine
  • Up to 71 mpg estimated fuel efficiency
  • Sportbike styling with aerodynamic fairings

“The Ninja 300 has exceeded my expectations on gas mileage. It’s affordable to run and insure as a new rider.” – Amanda R., Motorcycle Reviewer

Yamaha YZF-R3

  • 321cc twin cylinder, fuel injected engine
  • Up to 68 mpg estimated fuel efficiency
  • Lightweight construction and sporty handling

“The Yamaha R3 gets great gas mileage whether around town or on the highway. It’s been a very economical commuter bike.” – Lucas C., Motorcycle Enthusiast

Finding motorbike rental companies

There are a few ways to search for motorbike rental companies and deals:

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Online search engines and review sites

  • Use Google to find highly rated local rental shops and dealerships.
  • Check rental marketplaces like Riders Share and Twisted Road.
  • Read customer reviews on Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor.

Local listings and business directories

  • Search rental listings on YellowPages, local chamber of commerce sites.
  • Look for rental shops near travel destinations.

Dealership and brand websites

  • Major motorcycle brands like Honda, Yamaha may list local rental partners.
  • Dealership sites sometimes advertise rental programs.

“I had the best experience renting through a local mom-and-pop motorbike rental business. They offered affordable rates and top-notch customer service.”

Comparing fuel efficiency of rental options

When researching motorbike rental options, look for fuel efficiency specs:

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Research motorbike models offered

  • Compile a list of available bike models and engine sizes.
  • Cross-reference with mpg ratings online or published specs.

Ask about EPA mileage ratings

  • Many rental companies know the EPA estimated mileage.
  • This provides a standardized metric for comparison.

Check owner reviews on fuel economy

  • Look for real-world mpg feedback on specific rental motorbikes.
  • Owner averages often align closely with EPA estimates.

“I recommend asking the rental company rep about gas mileage for the specific bike you’ll be getting. Real-world info is more useful than general estimates.”

Additional tips for maximizing efficiency

Beyond choosing a fuel efficient motorbike model, there are some riding habits that can optimize efficiency:

Travel light to reduce weight

  • Carry minimal gear and luggage to avoid extra weight.
  • Added weight increases drag and fuel consumption.

Ride conservatively and avoid rapid acceleration

  • Smooth, gradual acceleration uses less fuel.
  • Aggressive revving and acceleration lowers mpg.

Plan routes to minimize stops and starts

  • More consistent speeds maximize efficiency.
  • Frequent starts and stops from traffic lights decrease mpg.

“I saw a noticeable jump in fuel economy by following the speed limit closely and accelerating gently. My motorbike got over 10% better mpg.”

Consider engine technology advancements

Modern motorbikes utilize advanced engine designs and tech to boost efficiency:

  • Fuel injection optimizes gas usage across ranges.
  • Idle-stop systems shut off the engine when stopped to save fuel.
  • Forced induction turbos and superchargers enhance power without larger engines.

“I was amazed how fuel efficient my rental BMW touring bike was thanks to the turbocharged engine. The power and mpg were incredibly impressive.” – Bradley T., Motorcycle Rider

Choose the right motorbike type for your needs

Different motorbike configurations affect aerodynamics and efficiency:

  • Sportbikes have fairings for wind reduction but are less comfortable.
  • Cruisers offer exposed engines and relaxed ergonomics but worse aerodynamics.
  • Standard/naked designs are lightweight with good commuter mpg.
  • Touring bikes have luggage options but larger engines.

“I rented a standard bike for daily commuting in the city. The upright seating and lack of fairings were perfect for my short urban trips.” – Melissa R., Motorbike Renter

Consider renting electric or hybrid models

Electric and hybrid motorbikes use innovative technologies for extreme fuel efficiency:

  • Electric motorbikes have zero emissions and “infinite” mpg.
  • Hybrids like the Honda NC700X deliver 85+ mpg via electric/gas combo systems.

“I was able to find an electric motorbike rental that was perfect for exploring the city all day without needing to fill up. The instant torque was a blast!” – James E., Electric Motorbike Renter

Research rental company policies

Rental policies can impact costs like insurance, deposits, mileage overages:

  • Ask about options for mileage allowances and overage fees.
  • Inquire if liability insurance is included or optional add-ons.
  • Understand refundable security deposit policies.

“Make sure to read the fine print! I didn’t realize there were per-mile overage charges with my rental. My last minute road trip got very expensive.” – Daniel T., Motorbike Traveler

Use gas mileage calculators

Enter your rental route and bike mpg to estimate fuel costs:

  • has a trip cost calculator with editable mpg and gas prices.
  • Apps like GasBuddy track and share fuel data.
  • Calculate per-mile and per-day estimated costs.

“I plugged my planned route into a gas calculator app using the motorbike’s mpg rating. This gave me an accurate fuel budget for the entire rental trip.” – Isabel S., Motorbike Travel Planner

Ask about add-on gear and mileage policies

Added gear or mileage can raise rental costs:

  • Helmets, locks, luggage may incur extra rental fees if not returned.
  • Overage mileage charges can add up quickly.

“My rental company let me add saddlebags and a windscreen for a small daily fee. The gear was convenient without needing to transport my own.” – Lucas E., Motorbike Rental Customer

Book early for best selection and prices

Booking in advance can maximize choice and potentially save money:

  • Book 1-2 months ahead for best bike availability.
  • Early bookings may qualify for discounted rental rates.
  • Last minute rentals have fewer choices and higher demand pricing.

“I booked my motorbike rental a couple months in advance and locked in an awesome rental rate. The savings added up over a multi-week trip.” – Vanessa U., Motorbike Travel Blogger

Inspect tires, fittings, lights when picking up

Perform a quick safety inspection before riding off:

  • Check tire pressure, tread wear and age.
  • Confirm mirrors, lights, signals are intact.
  • Review controls like brakes, throttle for responsiveness.

“Always take a few minutes inspecting the rental motorbike closely at pick-up. This prevents getting stuck with issues down the road.” – Miguel R., Experience Motorbike Renter

Consider fuel costs in your rental budget

Add estimated fuel costs into your total rental budget:

  • Research average gas prices for your destination.
  • Factor in mpg rating and approximate mileage.
  • Include a buffer for unexpected expenses or detours.

“I allotted 20% over my estimated fuel budget as a buffer. This prevented any fuel cost surprises during my rental trip, even with taking some unplanned side routes.” – Alicia V., Motorbike Rental Planner

Weigh benefits of short-term vs long-term

Rental duration affects convenience and per-day costs:

  • Short term rentals (under 7 days) offer flexibility but higher daily rates.
  • Long term rentals have cheaper per-day costs but less flexibility.

“For my multi-week trip, getting a long term rental saved me over $500 compared to doing multiple short term rentals along the way.” – Sebastien M., International Motorbike Traveler

Clean motorbike thoroughly before returning

Avoid return fees by properly cleaning the rental:

  • Check the return condition policies.
  • Remove mud or dirt accumulated on tires, bags, chassis.
  • Give a full wipe down to avoid cleaning fees.

“Make sure to leave enough time before drop-off to properly clean your rental motorbike. Gas station spray washers are perfect for a quick clean.” – Samantha H., Motorbike Rental Returner

Check regional differences in availability and costs

Renting in popular areas may require more planning:

  • Iconic routes like Route 66 book up far in advance.
  • Some regions have limited rentals requiring booking ahead.
  • Bigger cities offer more flexible last minute options.

“If renting for a popular rally event or destination, book 6-12 months out. The limited rentals get reserved quickly.” – Taylor R., Motorbike Rally Rental Expert

Weigh rental costs vs ownership costs

Short term rentals can be cheaper than ownership in many cases:

  • Avoid maintenance, registration, insurance costs of ownership.
  • No storage fees or depreciation concerns.
  • Great for one-time trips or trying different bikes.

“For my two week trip, renting a motorbike was thousands cheaper than the total costs of buying, registering, insuring and maintaining my own bike.” – Micah L., Motorbike Rental Ambassador

By considering these tips when researching motorbike rentals, you can find an optimal balance of efficiency, performance, and value for your next two-wheeled adventure. Focus on economical models, understand all fees, inspect condition, budget gas costs, and book early. With a fuel efficient rental bike that fits your trip needs, you’ll be ready to hit the open road and make memories exploring new destinations.

Conclusion and summary

Finding fuel efficient motorbike rentals requires some research upfront. Focus on smaller displacement engine sizes and look at EPA mileage ratings or owner reviews. Ask rental companies for real-world mpg data on specific bikes. Ride conservatively to optimize efficiency. With an economical motorbike rental, you can minimize gas costs and get the most miles per tank.

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