How can I find motorbike rentals with navigation included?

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Renting a motorbike is an exciting way to explore a new destination. Feeling the wind on your face as you cruise along open roads promises an unforgettable travel experience. Many travelers are interested in renting a motorbike for their next vacation. However, navigating in a new area can prove challenging. The good news is that many motorbike rental companies now include navigation devices with their rentals. This allows you to easily find your way around unfamiliar terrain. If you want the freedom of a motorbike rental along with the convenience of turn-by-turn navigation, follow this guide. We’ll walk through the key steps to find motorbike rentals with navigation included.

Determine location and dates for motorbike rental

The first step is deciding where and when you want to rent a motorbike.

Research destinations and trip dates

Look into locations suitable for motorbike travel. Popular spots include:

  • Beach destinations like Bali, Hawaii, Thailand, Vietnam
  • Mountainous regions like the Italian Alps
  • Scenic rural areas and open roads in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand

Consider the type of terrain and your motorbiking skill level. Also think about climate. Some spots are better to visit during dry versus rainy seasons.

Next, choose your trip dates. Factor in:

  • Length of your vacation
  • High and low seasons at destination (more below)
  • Weather patterns during different months

With a location and approximate travel dates in mind, you can start researching motorbike rental options.

Consider high and low seasons for pricing

Travel seasons impact motorbike rental availability and pricing.

  • High season means peak visitor period when prices are higher, rentals book up faster, and navigation devices may be limited.
  • Low season has fewer travelers, lower rates, and more open motorbike and navigation equipment availability.

Check calendars to determine high and low seasons at your chosen destination. Consider how timing your trip for the low season could help you save money and secure navigation rentals.

Search for motorbike rental companies

Now that you know where and when you want to rent a motorbike, the next step is finding rental companies at your destination.

Online search for terms like “motorbike rental [location]”

The easiest way to find motorbike rentals is an online search. Try search terms like:

  • Motorbike rental Hawaii
  • Scooter rentals Bali
  • Motorcycle hire New Zealand

Results will display rental companies in that area. Most have websites detailing rental info.

Check sites like TripAdvisor for reviews of companies

In addition to a Google search, check travel review sites like TripAdvisor. Search the destination and view listings for motorbike rental companies. This lets you:

  • See real customer reviews, ratings, photos
  • Identify top-rated companies in the area
  • Read about navigation devices and other features offered

Favorably reviewed companies on TripAdvisor are a good bet for reliable motorbike rentals.

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Compare motorbike rental companies

You now likely have a list of motorbike rental companies to choose from. The next step is comparing your options.

Rental rates and deposit amounts

  • Rental rates: Consider daily, weekly, and monthly prices. Expect higher rates for motorbikes with more power and capabilities.
  • Deposits: Many companies require a refundable deposit, often $500+ depending on motorbike value. Ask about deposit amount and forms of payment accepted.

Choose a company that offers competitive pricing within your budget.

Motorbike models and features available

Most rentals offer motorbike options including:

  • Scooters (50-125cc): Best for running around town efficiently. Limited power for long highway rides. Gets great gas mileage.
  • Light motorcycles (150-400cc): Allows higher speeds and passing power for country cruising. More versatile for combining city and rural riding.
  • Heavy motorcycles (500cc+): For experienced riders. Offers power at higher speeds and for hills. Useful for extended rides. Requires motorcycle license.

Consider your riding abilities, planned terrain, trip length, passenger needs, etc. Choose a motorbike class suitable for your rental.

Navigation devices included or options

A key feature to look at is navigation offerings:

  • Some companies include a GPS device with the rental. This is ideal, but verify associated costs.
  • Others offer GPS units as a rental add-on for a daily fee. Compare this cost to benefits.
  • Using your smartphone for navigation could be an option, but may lead to roaming charges.

Aim for rentals with navigation included or affordable add-on pricing. This provides you with vital directions during rides.

Book your motorbike rental

Once you’ve selected a rental company, it’s time to book your motorbike.

Reserve online or contact company directly

Most companies allow online reservations. Simply choose your motorbike, date range, and requested gear like navigation systems.

If contacting the company directly, provide the same info. Ask any outstanding questions before paying a deposit and locking in dates.

Provide requested info like valid driver’s license

You’ll need to provide:

  • Valid driver’s license (often a motorcycle license for bigger bikes)
  • Flight details if renting upon airport arrival
  • Payment info to cover deposit

Provide requested details promptly to confirm reservation.

Pick up the motorbike

You’ve arrived at your destination and are ready to start your motorbike adventure. Head to the rental office for pick up.

Review condition and features

Thoroughly inspect your motorbike rental and included gear like helmets and navigation devices. Look for:

  • Existing scratches, dents, other damage
  • Navigation system provided, condition and operation
  • Proper tire pressure, fluid levels, lights working

Note any issues to the rental agent before leaving the lot.

Ensure navigation device provided and functioning

Don’t leave without your promised navigation! Review device and confirm:

  • Power on, charged battery
  • Current location shown on map
  • Ability to enter destination and route there

Speak up immediately if the navigation system is missing or seems faulty.

Use navigation during rental period

Now comes the best part – cruising around your destination with navigation guiding the way.

Input destinations and routes

Navigation systems make it easy to find your way as you ride. Simply:

  • Enter your desired destination
  • View route options by time or distance
  • Select preferred route and start turn-by-turn directions
  • Hear audio guidance during rides

Update destinations anytime to keep rolling all day stress-free.

Follow audio directions during rides

Let your navigation device guide you turn-by-turn to sites around the area hands-free.

  • Listen for audio cues to “turn left in 500 feet” etc.
  • Glance occasionally at the screen to confirm turns
  • Stop to reset if you miss a turn or need to change course

Following navigation allows you to confidently ride to fun spots without getting lost.

Return motorbike and finalize rental

All good things must end. Follow these tips when returning your motorbike rental.

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Refill gas tank

Avoid fuel fees by topping off the gas tank before returning the motorbike. Fill it to the same level you received it at.

Confirm no damages

Review the motorbike thoroughly just like at pick up. Ensure no new scratches, dents, or other damage occurred during rental.

Receive deposit refund

Return any rented gear like helmets and navigation devices. Ask for your deposit to be refunded per the return policy.

And with that, your motorbike rental adventure comes to an end! We hope this guide helped you discover how to easily find motorbike rentals with handy navigation systems included. With your rental booked and navigation ready, you can relax and enjoy the ride. The open road awaits – happy travels!

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