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Renting a motorbike can be a convenient and cost-effective way to explore new destinations. The flexibility of a rental allows you to discover places at your own pace, and with motorbikes generally cheaper than renting a car, it can help stretch your vacation budget further. However, before renting a motorbike, it’s important to understand what protections and services may or may not be included should you experience mechanical trouble on the road. Specifically, will your motorbike rental come with roadside assistance if you get a flat tire or have an engine issue miles away from the rental shop?

Reasons to Rent a Motorbike for Travel

Renting a motorbike has several advantages for travelers:

  • Convenience – No need to transport your own bike or rely on public transportation. Motorbike rentals are readily available in many popular tourist destinations.
  • Flexibility – Go wherever you want, at your own schedule and pace. Stop and explore attractions that interest you along the way.
  • Cost savings – Rental motorbikes are typically cheaper per day than renting a car. Great way to save money exploring on a budget.

Renting a motorbike allows you to take impromptu detours, spend more time at sites you enjoy, and potentially save money over other transportation options. Those benefits make rentals very popular for vacationers.

Where to Rent Motorbikes for Travel

Motorbikes are commonly available to rent from a few different sources:

  • Local shops – Small rental businesses located near popular tourist sites or travel destinations often rent motorbikes and scooters.
  • Hotels – Many hotels offer motorbike rentals or partnerships with local providers to supply guests with rentals.
  • Online platforms – Websites like Riders Share allow travelers to connect with local owners to arrange motorbike rentals via an online marketplace.

Shopping around between local rental shops, hotels, and online booking platforms can help you find the best match of motorbike type, rental rates, and pickup/dropoff options for your needs.

Typical Motorbike Rental Agreement Terms

Before renting a motorbike, carefully review the rental agreement. Pay particular attention to the following terms:

Liability Coverage

The agreement should detail your liability and coverage for potential damages or injuries. Many require renters to pay a damage waiver fee for limited liability protection.

Maintenance Responsibilities

Renters are typically responsible for routine maintenance like tire pressure and fluid checks during the rental period. Review what maintenance is expected by the renter.

Roadside Assistance

Some rental agreements specifically include or exclude providing roadside help if you experience mechanical problems away from the shop. This is an important point to verify.

Clarifying terms upfront prevents surprises later if you need help on the road. Never assume services like repairs or roadside assistance are included.

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Benefits of Roadside Assistance with Rentals

Roadside assistance can provide vital help if you experience issues like:

  • Flat tires – Assistance changing a flat tire or transporting you and the motorbike to a repair shop. Spare tires, jacks, and other equipment may not be provided with rentals.
  • Battery jumps – Jumper cables and a power source to jump start the motorbike if the battery dies.
  • Fuel delivery – Emergency gas or diesel delivery if you run out. Being stranded without fuel in an unfamiliar place can be dangerous.
  • Minor repairs – Mobile mechanics may be dispatched to troubleshoot and attempt basic repairs if possible.

Having roadside service coverage gives peace of mind if troubles arise many miles from your rental origin. Don’t assume help will come – verify the terms.

Provider Policies on Roadside Assistance

Roadside service policies with motorbike rentals vary greatly:

  • Coverage varies – Some rental providers include full roadside assistance with their rental fees, while others provide none whatsoever. Policies differ.
  • May be extra fee – Some rentals offer roadside assistance only if the renter pays an additional daily or weekly fee for that protection.
  • Limited service areas – Rentals may only provide roadside help within a certain distance from their rental location. Long trips may exceed their help range.
  • Repair reimbursement – If forced to pay for repairs out of pocket, some rental agreements provide partial reimbursement if proper documentation is provided.

When comparing rental providers, inquire about their specific emergency assistance services and fees to select adequate coverage for your trip. Don’t leave this important detail to chance.

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Tips for Renters to Prepare for Trouble

To prepare for potential issues on longer rides, renters should:

  • Inspect vehicle thoroughly – Look over the motorbike carefully at pickup. Check tires, controls, and lights to start the rental in good shape. Request repairs if needed.
  • Carry repair essentials – Bring tools, spare fuses, rags, extra oil/fuel, and other items that could help with minor roadside repairs if needed.
  • Research routes & stops – Plan your route in advance. Know where fuel stations, tire shops, and assistance are available in the areas you’ll ride through in case of breakdowns.
  • Share trip plan – Give someone your planned route and expected check-in times in case you need help reaching you. Riding alone in unfamiliar areas raises risks if issues occur.
  • Confirm mobile coverage – Verify your mobile phone will have coverage along remote routes in case you need to call for assistance. Consider renting a satellite messenger device for connectivity.

Being prepared for potential problems by carrying repair supplies, researching your route, and ensuring access to assistance can help minimize complications on longer self-guided motorbike trips.

Options if You Experience Mechanical Trouble

If you encounter issues on the road, here are steps to take:

  • Contact provider – If your rental includes roadside assistance, call them immediately for help based on the terms.
  • Local repair shops – If near a town, locate a local shop to diagnose and fix the problem. Save receipts for potential reimbursement.
  • Police/authorities – Local police or emergency services may provide help reaching mechanics and ensure your safety if stranded in risky areas.
  • Troubleshoot minor issues – Use your repair kit to try addressing small problems yourself like flat tires, dead batteries, or loose parts. But don’t take unnecessary risks attempting repairs alone on the roadside.
  • Coordinate pickup – For major breakdowns, determine the best way to transport the motorbike and yourself back to the rental shop using repair services or even a rental car you arrange.

Don’t wait until an issue occurs to start researching options – identify services like repair shops in the area before you depart so you can call for help quickly if trouble arises on the road.

Insurance Considerations for Motorbike Rentals

When renting a motorbike, insurance is crucial:

  • Renter liability – Damage to the vehicle or injuries to others will fall upon the renter if no liability insurance is purchased from the provider. Fees can add up fast.
  • Damage waivers – Optional waivers from the rental company cover a portion of potential damages, but usually have deductibles and many exemptions. Read policies closely.
  • Personal travel insurance – Your existing travel, health, or credit card coverage may include rental vehicle protections. Check before paying for duplicative waivers.
  • Specialized policies – Companies like Allianz and Clements provide specialized motorbike rental insurance plans to complement your existing coverage if gaps exist.

Properly insuring your rental use protects you from potentially massive out-of-pocket costs if anything happens. Research your risks and existing coverage before each trip. Don’t leave insurance to chance.


Renting a motorbike can provide freedom and cost savings as you explore new destinations. However, suffering a breakdown or accident far from home could quickly turn an enjoyable trip into a nightmare without proper protections. Before every rental, carefully verify what specific roadside assistance services are included, where they are available, and costs involved. Never assume help will be provided automatically. With proper preparation, education, and insurance, motorbike rentals allow adventurous travelers to fully immerse themselves in locales at their own pace – confident that support is available if the unexpected occurs.

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