Can I Get Insurance When Renting a Motorbike in Vietnam?

Insurance When Renting a Motorbike in Vietnam?
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Renting a motorbike is one of the best ways to explore Vietnam’s stunning landscapes. The winding coastal roads, mountain passes, and rural backroads promise an epic adventure. However, Vietnam’s roads also pose serious risks, like accidents, theft, and damage to your rental bike. That’s why having proper motorbike rental insurance is extremely important for your safety and budget. This guide will cover everything you need to know about getting insured for a motorbike trip in Vietnam.

Overview of Motorbike Rentals and Insurance in Vietnam

Vietnam is filled with shops renting out motorbikes to tourists. Popular bikes include manual scooters like Honda Wins, Yamaha Nouvos, etc. Rental prices are very cheap, around $5-10 USD per day. This makes motorbikes accessible for travelers on any budget.

By law, motorbike rental companies must include basic liability insurance with all rentals. This covers any injury or property damage to others when you’re deemed responsible for an accident. However, liability insurance does not cover damages to the rental bike itself.

That’s why it’s crucial you add collision coverage to protect the motorbike from common mishaps like drops, crashes, or theft. Without it, you’re liable for the full replacement cost of the bike if anything happens. Prices typically range from $2-8 extra per day.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Motorbike Rental Insurance in Vietnam

Several key factors determine how much you’ll pay for insurance coverage:

  • Rental Company: More reputable companies often offer better insurance rates and coverage options.
  • Motorbike Type: Newer, larger bikes like automatic Honda Cliqs cost more to insure than 100cc manual scooters.
  • Coverage Limits: Plans with higher coverage amounts for damage/theft cost more but give greater protection.
  • Rental Duration: Longer rentals spread out the insurance cost over more days, making it cheaper per day.
  • Add-ons: Optional protection like tire/rim coverage adds to the total insurance cost.

Purchasing Additional Insurance for Extra Coverage

The basic insurance provided by rental companies is fairly limited. For greater protection, you can buy supplemental plans:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: This covers not only damage to others, but also to the rental bike from collisions, drops, weather, natural disasters, theft, vandalism, and more. It gives total peace of mind.
  • Personal Travel Insurance: This covers medical expenses from any injuries sustained in a motorbike accident overseas. Some policies also include rental vehicle damage coverage.

While costlier, comprehensive insurance is recommended. Without it, you could end up paying thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for bike repairs or replacement.

Making an Insurance Claim for a Motorbike Accident or Theft

If any incident occurs, follow these steps:

  • Immediately notify the rental company and file an accident or damage report. Provide any police reports if applicable.
  • Take detailed photos documenting the damage. Note any repairs needed.
  • Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible to start a claim. Provide all necessary documentation.
  • Work collaboratively with the rental company and insurer. Usually the shop will handle all repairs and communicate with the insurer directly.
  • Pay your deductible and any non-covered expenses once the claim is processed by the insurer.

Reviewing Rental Company Insurance Policies

Don’t assume all motorbike rental agencies have the same insurance policies. Ask detailed questions:

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  • What’s included in your standard insurance? Does it cover theft and damages?
  • How much is the deductible? This is what you pay out-of-pocket before insurance kicks in.
  • What additional coverage options are available? What’s the additional cost?
  • What documentation do you need to provide if I have to file a claim?
  • Do I need to purchase special cross-border insurance if I take the bike into a different province or country?

Being informed upfront prevents nasty surprises later if you need to make a claim.

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Driving Safely Helps Avoid Accidents and Damage

The best way to avoid insurance headaches is to drive defensively:

  • Follow Traffic Laws: Obey speed limits, signs, lane markings. Don’t run red lights.
  • Drive Defensively: Watch out for other motorbikes, vehicles, pedestrians. Drive attentively.
  • Take Tricky Roads Slowly: Use caution on loose gravel, wet, steep, winding, or uneven terrain.
  • Secure Belongings: Use luggage straps and bags attached snugly to the bike so nothing can fall off.
  • Park Safely: Don’t leave the bike unattended for long. Park in visible well-lit areas. Use locks to deter theft.

Safe driving practices help prevent accidents, damage, and the need to make an insurance claim.

What Rental Insurance Typically Doesn’t Cover

Standard insurance has many exclusions. It usually won’t cover:

  • Bodily injury to you or any passengers if you crash.
  • Loss or damage to helmets, luggage, personal belongings.
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdowns of the bike.
  • Damage from inappropriate use off-roading, overloading, racing, etc.
  • Loss of rental fees for down time needed to repair the motorbike.

Long-Distance Trip Insurance Considerations

For longer motorbike journeys crossing provincial or country borders, keep these insurance tips in mind:

  • Inform the rental company ahead of time about your full route to see if you need special approvals or paperwork.
  • Purchase insurance covering the entire length of the trip, even if using multiple rental periods from different shops.
  • Verify the bike can legally cross borders and complies with regional registration and insurance requirements.
  • Check that your personal travel insurance and credit cards have adequate rental vehicle coverage for a long trip.

Choosing a Reputable Rental Company

Not all motorbike rental companies in Vietnam are created equal. You’ll have a much better experience and more protection with a reputable provider. Here are tips for vetting agencies:

  • Research Online Reviews:Search travel forums and rental sites for feedback from past customers describing professionalism, vehicle condition, pricing, and insurance experience.
  • Consider Accredited Companies: Look for agencies approved by tourism associations like VNAT which follow certain standards.
  • Ask About Fleet Maintenance: Inquire how often they service their bikes and check safety components like brakes, lights, tires. Well-maintained motorbikes are less likely to break down or cause accidents.

Going with a highly rated, accredited company known for quality maintenance and transparency provides greater assurance and accountability.

Inspecting the Motorbike Thoroughly

Before riding off, inspect your rental motorbike closely:

  • Check Tires: Look for adequate tread depth, evenly worn, no cracks, bulges, cuts, or embedded objects. Ensure tires are properly inflated.
  • Test Brakes: Brakes should engage smoothly without weird noises, vibration, or pulling to one side. All lights must be working.
  • Review Odometer:Document the current kilometers/miles. Take photos showing the odometer and bike condition.
  • Look for Existing Damage:Note any scratches, dents, rust, leaks, or missing parts. Take pictures of any prior damage.
  • Test Drive It: Drive around the block to check acceleration, handling, brakes, and steering function properly.

Following Safety Best Practices

When renting a motorbike in Vietnam, make safety your top priority:

  • Wear a Helmet & Gear:Vietnam mandates helmets. Also wear a jacket, pants, gloves, and enclosed shoes to prevent injury.
  • Don’t Drink & Drive:Consuming any alcohol seriously impairs motor skills and judgement. Leave the bike parked if you’ll be drinking.
  • Secure Belongings: Use tied-down luggage and bags that can’t shift or fall off during the ride. Leave valuables at your hotel.
  • Extra Caution in Wet Weather: Slow down, allow longer stopping distance, watch for hazards. Pull over if conditions are too dangerous.

Riding cautiously and defensively is key to avoiding accidents and damage to your rental bike.


A motorbike road trip through Vietnam is an incredible bucket list experience. But the country’s chaotic roads involve real risks. Protect yourself with proper insurance when renting a motorbike. Carefully vet rental companies, read policies thoroughly, drive defensively, and add supplemental coverage as needed. Then you can relax and enjoy the ride of a lifetime! With the right preparation, Vietnam’s open roads will give you epic adventures and amazing memories.

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