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Vietnam is known for its bustling traffic and motorbikes crowding every street. For many tourists, one of the top things on their Vietnam bucket list is renting a motorbike to truly experience Vietnamese road culture. However, for tourists with little to no riding experience, the idea of navigating Vietnam’s chaotic streets can seem daunting. This comprehensive guide will provide everything you need to know about renting a motorbike in Vietnam as a beginner.

Background on motorbike culture in Vietnam

Motorbikes are the predominant form of transportation in Vietnam. With over 45 million motorbikes for its 95 million citizens, Vietnam has one of the highest motorbike to person ratios in the world. Reasons for this motorbike boom include:

  • Motorbikes are more affordable than cars for most Vietnamese people.
  • Scooters and motorbikes allow easy transportation through crowded streets and small alleys.
  • Driving a motorbike is seen as a symbol of freedom and mobility.

For visitors, joining the motorbike crowds is an exciting way to dive into local culture. Zipping around Vietnam by motorbike allows tourists to explore farther and deeper than possible on group tours or public transportation. Many tourists make renting a motorbike a top priority.

Laws and regulations around renting motorbikes

Renting a motorbike in Vietnam is quite easy. No formal license or motorcycle endorsement is required. The main documents needed are:

  • Passport – This is used as ID and deposited as collateral with the rental shop.
  • Deposit – Renters must leave a deposit, usually around $20-50 USD depending on the motorbike. This is returned when the bike is brought back undamaged.

Without needing a license, even travelers with zero experience can legally rent and drive a motorbike in Vietnam. However, following traffic laws and riding safely is still essential.

Risks of renting without experience

While renting a motorbike without experience is allowed, it does come with certain risks:

  • Higher chance of accidents – Lack of experience navigatingbusy roads, passing protocols, and technical bike handling raises accident risk.
  • Getting lost – It’s easy for new riders to get turned around or lost, especially in larger cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. This can lead to frustration, wasted time, and dangerous situations.

Beginners may want to consider whether the rewards outweigh these risks before renting a bike. While driving a motorbike in Vietnam offers an authentic local experience, safety should still come first.

Tips for beginner motorbike riders

If you decide to go forward with renting a motorbike in Vietnam as a beginner, following these tips can help make your rental experience safer and more enjoyable:

Take a practice ride before going far

  • Spend 30-60 minutes riding around the rental shop’s neighborhood to get a feel for the bike and roads. This helps build confidence before tackling busier thoroughfares.

Stick to less busy streets at first

  • Avoid major highways and dense city centers until you’ve gotten your bearings. Less crowded side roads help reduce risks.

Wear a helmet and protective gear

  • Vietnam has a mandatory helmet law. Always wear a provided or your own quality helmet when riding. Consider adding other gear like gloves, a jacket, and enclosed shoes.

Take a motorbike lesson or tour

  • Some rental shops offer quick lessons for new riders. Guided motorbike tours with experienced local riders are another option.

Know road rules and protocols

  • Learn the basic road rules in Vietnam, as well as unspoken norms local riders follow to drive more safely and avoid confusion.

Alternatives for getting around

If renting a motorbike seems too risky, tourists have several other transportation options:


  • Taxis are readily available, especially in major cities. Ensure the taxi is metered or agree upon a fair price beforehand.

Public transportation

  • Public buses, though crowded, connect most major Vietnamese cities. Some tourist destinations have shuttle buses.

Group tours

  • Booking a group tour takes the transportation planning out of your hands. Tours on buses, boats, bicycles or by foot are available.

While these limit independence, they provide safety for less experienced travelers. Consider your confidence level and priorities when choosing transport.

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Pros of having some experience

Travelers with previous motorbike experience can more confidently and safely rent bikes in Vietnam. Benefits include:

  • More confidence navigating roads – Experienced riders are less overwhelmed by Vietnam’s chaotic roads and traffic norms. Previous experience builds skills.
  • Ability to go farther – With skills and confidence, experienced riders can drive farther beyond the tourist trail, to more remote or rural destinations a group tour can’t reach.
  • Lower chance of accidents – Statistics clearly show that experienced motorcycle drivers are involved in fewer crashes. Skill reduces risk.

So while experience is not legally required, it allows tourists to better enjoy the freedom and convenience of independent motorbike travel in Vietnam.

Options for gaining experience

Beginners wondering where to gain riding experience have several options:

Motorbike lessons in home country

  • Enrolling in a basic rider course teaches essential skills before arriving in Vietnam. Instruction optimized for new riders in a controlled environment.

Start on scooter or smaller bike

  • Getting some practice on a light scooter or 125cc motorbike around your neighborhood can help build confidence.

Travel with experienced rider at first

  • Rent a motorbike with a partner who has riding skills. Observe their techniques to learn before driving solo.

With practice, motorbike rentals become more accessible. Travelers can experience Vietnam’s roads while still staying safe.

Safety recommendations

All travelers renting motorbikes in Vietnam should make safety a priority by:

  • Obeying traffic laws – Ignoring traffic lights, signs, and road markings raises the risk of accidents. While locals may not always follow the laws, tourists should set a good example.
  • Avoiding driving at night – Night driving is much more perilous for those unfamiliar with the roads. Only drive after dark if absolutely necessary.
  • Not drinking and driving – Vietnam has strict drunk driving laws. Never operate any vehicle after drinking alcohol.
  • Wearing quality safety gear – Helmets can dramatically reduce injury severity in a crash. Well-fitting gloves, jackets, pants and boots provide additional protection.

Responsible driving and protective equipment keep travelers safe as they experience the thrill of Vietnamese motorbike culture.

Importance of travel insurance

No matter one’s motorbike skill level, having travel insurance coverage is crucial when renting bikes in Vietnam. Comprehensive insurance should include:

  • Accident medical coverage – Pays for hospital visits and medical care if injured in a motorcycle crash. This is vital given Vietnam’s high accident rates.
  • Motorbike damage coverage – Reimburses for repair or replacement costs if the rented bike is damaged. This takes the stress out of deposits.

Review policy details closely to verify desired coverage amounts and services. Travel insurance provides peace of mind for Vietnam motorbike adventures.


In summary, renting a motorbike without prior experience in Vietnam is legal and possible, but does pose certain risks to consider. We recommend:

  • Taking motorcycle safety courses at home if possible to learn critical skills.
  • Gaining some practice on smaller bikes or scooters before trying heavy traffic.
  • Considering alternative transportation like tours or taxis if not confident yet.

With proper precautions, even beginners can safely experience Vietnam’s famed motorbike culture and road trips. Check local laws, follow safety tips, and protect yourself with insurance. With preparation and vigilance, Vietnam’s roads offer a liberating travel experience.

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FAQs about renting motorbikes in Vietnam

Do I need an international drivers license to rent a motorbike in Vietnam?

No, an international driving permit is not required, just your regular drivers license from home. Many tourists rent bikes without Vietnamese licenses.

How much does it cost to rent a motorbike per day in Vietnam?

Costs range from $5-$15 USD per day depending on the motorbike type. Expect to pay a deposit of $20-$50, returned when the bike is undamaged.

What kind of motorbike is best to rent for beginners in Vietnam?

Automatic scooters under 125cc are easiest for beginners, compared to manual motorbikes. Choose a smaller engine bike until gaining experience.

Can I add travel insurance if renting a motorbike in Vietnam?

Yes, travel insurance with motorcycle coverage can usually be purchased separately if not part of your existing policy. This protects against accident costs.

Is driving a motorbike at night more dangerous in Vietnam?

Yes, driving at night significantly increases risk, especially in chaotic traffic. New riders should avoid night riding when possible.

Glossary of key terms

  • Motorbike – Two-wheeled vehicle powered by a motor engine, also called a motorcycle. Various engine sizes and styles are available.
  • Scooter – Step-through style two-wheeler with smaller engine than a motorbike. Often automatic transmission.
  • Motorcycle endorsement – Special license indicating training and authorization to drive certain motor vehicles. Not required in Vietnam.
  • International drivers permit – Document translating your home driver’s license into languages for driving abroad. Optional in Vietnam.
  • Protective gear – Equipment like helmets, jackets, gloves and boots to protect motorcycle riders in the event of a crash. Highly recommended for safety.

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