Exploring Hanoi on Two Wheels: Detailed Motorbike Rental Costs

Tourist Guide to Renting and Driving Motorbikes in Binh Duong, Vietnam
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The chaotic traffic and busy streets of Hanoi can seem daunting to visitors. Yet one of the best ways to experience the sights, sounds, and life of the city is on the back of a motorbike. Zipping down tiny alleys, cruising along tree-lined boulevards, and riding through quaint neighborhoods gives an up-close perspective of Hanoi.

Renting a motorbike provides freedom and flexibility to explore at your own pace. However, costs can vary widely between rental shops. Engine size, automatic vs. manual transmission, length of rental, and additional features impact how much you’ll pay.

This guide covers everything you need to know to rent a motorbike in Hanoi, from average rental rates, additional fees, and tips for choosing a reputable shop to safety recommendations and the best areas to ride. Read on for your essential guide to taking to the streets of Hanoi on two wheels!

Background on Motorbike Use in Hanoi

Motorbikes are the lifeblood of transportation in Hanoi. Over 5 million motorbikes zoom along the city’s roads, compared to just 900,000 cars. Reasons motorbikes rule the road in Hanoi include:

  • Popularity: Motorbikes outnumber cars 5 to 1 in Hanoi. Easy to purchase and maintain, they are the top choice for most residents.
  • Navigating traffic: Motorbikes nimbly slip through gridlocked cars and down narrow alleys. Their small size and maneuverability help riders bypass traffic.
  • Parking: Limited space means parking is a challenge. Motorbikes easily tuck into tiny curbside spots.
  • Affordability: Motorbikes cost a fraction of cars. With an average monthly income around $150, most residents can afford motorbikes.

Renting a motorbike lets you experience the thrills of Hanoi traffic like the locals. Plus it’s often faster than cars or taxis because you can zip down shortcuts and dodge traffic jams.

Types of Motorbikes for Rent

Rental shops offer an array of motorbike models and sizes. Engines typically range from 100cc to 175cc. Consider these factors when choosing a bike:

Manual vs. Automatic Transmission

  • Manual: Require manually shifting gears. Better performance but needs practice.
  • Automatic: No gear shifting needed. Easier for beginners. Slightly lower rental costs.

Engine Size

  • 100-125cc: Best suited for one rider. Good fuel economy. Struggles on hills or long distances.
  • 150-175cc: More power for two riders or longer trips. Heavier and use more gas.

Extra Features

  • Storage: Many come with front baskets or storage bags. Useful for shopping trips or day excursions.
  • Helmets: Required by law. Most shops provide two helmets. Some offer full-face vs. open-face options.
  • Rain covers: For rainy days. Provide protection from the elements.

Factors Affecting Rental Costs

Prices vary based on multiple factors:

Engine Size

Larger engines have more power but cost more to rent:

  • 100-125cc: ~$4-7 per day
  • 150-175cc: ~$7-10 per day

Transmission Type

Automatics cost slightly less than manual:

  • Automatic: ~$4-9 per day
  • Manual: ~$5-10 per day

Rental Shop and Location

  • City center: Most expensive, highest demand.
  • Outer districts: Cheaper but less convenient.
  • Hotels/tourist areas: Marked up prices.

Rental Duration

Daily rates decrease for longer rentals:

  • 1-3 days: Most expensive per day
  • 4-8 days: Moderate daily rate
  • Weekly/monthly: Cheapest daily costs

Time of Year

  • High season (spring/fall): ~10-20% higher costs
  • Low season (summer/winter): Lower rates and more negotiable

Average Rental Cost Ranges

Given the many variables, here are typical rental rates:

By Engine Size

Engine SizeAvg. Daily CostAvg. Weekly Cost

By Rental Duration:

Rental LengthAvg. Daily Cost
1-3 days$6-9
4-8 days$5-8

Estimated Total Rental Costs:

  • 3 days = $20-30
  • 1 week = $30-50
  • 2 weeks = $60-100
  • 1 month = $100-160

Additional Rental Fees and Services

Basic rental fee covers just the motorbike. Many shops offer extras for an additional cost:

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Helmets ($1-2 per day)

  • Required by law
  • Usually provided free or low cost

Extra Drivers ($2-5 per day)

  • Share driving duties
  • Primary renter responsible for damages

Deposits ($20-200)

  • Refundable security deposit
  • Covers potential damages or theft

Fuel Options

  • Full to full: Return with same fuel level
  • Prepaid fuel card: Pay upfront for a set amount of fuel

Insurance ($1-5 per day)

  • Covers a portion of damages from accidents
  • Reduces liability but doesn’t eliminate it

Consider extras like multiple helmets, rain gear, or an extra driver for longer trips to share driving.

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Choosing a Reputable Rental Shop

With hundreds of shops renting motorbikes, pick an established one. Signs of a good rental:

Research Online Reviews

  • Check Google, TripAdvisor, travel blogs
  • Look for consistent positive ratings

Inspect Bikes In-Person

  • Test drive the motorbike
  • Check tires, lights, brakes for wear and tear

Consider Recommendations

  • Ask hotel or restaurant staff
  • Talk to other travelers
  • Book popular rental shops in advance

Avoid renting from small roadside shops without reviews. Paying a little more from a reputable spot is worth it for safety and reliability.

Best Areas for Motorbike Exploration

Cruising through both main attractions and outer neighborhoods gives a well-rounded experience. Top areas to explore include:

Old Quarter

  • Fascinating maze of narrow streets
  • Buzzing shops, eateries, and nightlife
  • Historic architecture and temples
  • Can get very crowded

West Lake

  • Slower pace with lush parks and gardens
  • Paths curving along the lake
  • Upscale hotels and restaurants

Outlying Villages

  • Scenic ride past rice paddies and rural life
  • Craft villages specializing in ceramics, textiles, or food
  • Opportunity to experience local culture

Don’t limit yourself to the main tourist zones – some of Hanoi’s hidden gems lie down back alleys or along the shores of West Lake.

Safety Tips for Riding in Hanoi

Hanoi traffic takes getting used to. Caution and defensive techniques keep you safer:

Defensive Driving

  • Drive slowly and stay alert
  • Watch out for other vehicles swerving
  • Don’t assume right of way

Obey Traffic Rules

  • Stop at red lights and signs
  • Use signals when turning or merging
  • Keep within speed limits

Check Weather Conditions

  • Avoid riding in rain or high winds if possible
  • Wet roads are slippery – take corners slow

Prevent Motorbike Theft

  • Always lock up the motorbike when parked
  • Use theft deterrents like locks and chains
  • Don’t leave valuables or bags unattended

Take time to get comfortable before hitting busy roads. Enrolling in a motorbike orientation class can sharpen your skills.

Must-See Destinations for Motorbike Day Trips from Hanoi

A motorbike rental opens up options for terrific day trips around Hanoi and northern Vietnam. Here are top destinations for two-wheeled day trips:

Ba Vi National Park

  • Mountainous park west of Hanoi
  • Lovely scenery, hiking trails, fresh air
  • Doable as long day trip or overnight stay

Tam Coc

  • Dramatic limestone cliffs and rice paddies
  • Boat ride along quiet canals
  • Under 2 hours from Hanoi

Perfume Pagoda

  • Spectacular Buddhist pagoda complex
  • Site of spiritual pilgrimage since 15th century
  • About 2 hours south of Hanoi

Ha Long Bay

  • Iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Ride past villages and rice fields en route
  • Arrange boat tour of magnificent bay

Duong Lam Ancient Village

  • Idyllyc rural escape under 2 hours west of Hanoi
  • Traditional wooden houses and tube wells
  • Peaceful village vibe

With so many possibilities close to Hanoi, renting a motorbike lets you take mini road trips to must-see destinations. Avoid intense highway traffic by sticking to side roads through charming countryside villages dotted with pagan temples and rice paddies.

Packing Recommendations for Motorbike Adventures

A well-planned packing list enhances your motorbike experience. Recommended items include:

  • Rain jacket – Monsoon storms are common
  • Face mask – Filter pollution during long rides
  • Sunscreen – Sun can be intense
  • Small backpack – Convenient for short trips and sightseeing
  • Hat or bandana – Protects from sun, rain, and windswept hair
  • Phone charger – Charge up at rest stops
  • Snacks and water – Stay hydrated and fueled
  • Vietnam road map – Navigate new destinations
  • Motorbike repair kit – For flat tires or breakdowns
  • Poncho – Extra rain protection
  • Secure wallet – Avoid pickpockets

Leave valuables at your hotel. Carry essentials like phone, cash, ID, and rain gear securely in a small bag.

Tips for Female Riders

While Vietnam is generally safe, solo female travelers have some additional safety considerations:

  • Dress conservatively – Avoid unwanted attention by covering up bare skin when possible.
  • Assert confidence – Walk tall and make eye contact if hassled. Don’t act timid.
  • Research routes – Stick to well-traveled roads, especially at night.
  • Share itinerary – Let your hotel or hostel know your route. Check in when back.
  • Fake phone calls – Pretend to talk on the phone if you feel threatened.
  • Trust instincts – Don’t feel pressured to interact, go anywhere, or give money.
  • Report concerns – Notify police of any harassment or threats.

While most riders encounter no issues, using sensible precautions helps women stay safe and focus on the joy of cruising Vietnam’s roads on two wheels!

What to Pack for Motorbiking in Hanoi

Riding prepared makes excursions safer and more comfortable:

  • Helmet – Most shops provide, but bring your own for proper fit. Choose full face for most protection.
  • Face mask – Filters pollution and dust. Essential during Hanoi’s high traffic periods.
  • Eye protection – Sunglasses or motorcycle goggles guard against wind, bugs, and debris.
  • Rain gear – Waterproof jacket and pants keep you dry in downpours.
  • Gloves – Bike gloves improve grip and guard hands in a crash. Opt for leather or motorcycle-specific gloves.
  • Appropriate clothing – Wear pants and closed toe shoes to protect legs/feet. Bring lightweight layers for changing temps.
  • Daypack – Small backpack carries essentials like wallet, phone, camera, snacks, etc. Allow free movement.
  • Waterproof bags – Protect electronic devices from rain or splashing puddles.

Proper gear like gloves, eye protection, and helmets greatly reduce injury risks from spills, debris, or inclement weather while riding.

Rules of the Road in Hanoi

Hanoi’s roads follow some standard traffic laws along with cultural norms unique to Vietnam. Key rules include:

  • Yield to vehicles joining the flow of traffic
  • Do not drive on sidewalks
  • Always wear a helmet when operating a motorbike
  • Carry your motorbike license when riding
  • Only pass other vehicles on the left
  • Use hand signals when turning or stopping
  • Stay to the right of the lane except when passing
  • Obey traffic signs and signals
  • Pull over safely if an emergency vehicle approaches

However, locals often fluidly interpret some laws:

  • Traffic lights act as mere suggestions rather than definitive orders
  • Driving against traffic and on sidewalks happens frequently
  • Rights of way are not always clear

New riders should exercise extreme caution until comfortable navigating Hanoi’s chaotic streets. Enroll in a “Riding in Hanoi” class to learn from experienced locals.

Conclusion: An Exhilarating Way to Explore

Zooming around Hanoi by motorbike gives an up-close look at daily life unmatched by four-wheeled tours. From bargaining at street markets to cruising along peaceful lakes, two wheels best immerse you in the sights, sounds, and spirit of the city.

While rental rates vary, engine size, transmission type, rental shop, and season impact average costs. Carefully choosing a reputable provider ensures a safe, reliable motorbike. Obeying traffic laws and driving defensively is critical for avoiding accidents. With reasonable precautions, motorbikes unlock Hanoi’s nooks and crannies for exploration.

Hanoi on a motorbike offers an adventurous, affordable, and authentic experience. Follow these tips for an unforgettable journey discovering this dynamic city at your own pace on two wheels. The thrilling freedom of the open road awaits!

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