Expert Tips for Hanoi Motorbike Rentals: Your Essential Guide

Essential Info for Foreigners on Renting Motorbikes in Binh Phuoc, Vietnam
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Riding a motorbike through the chaotic streets of Hanoi is one of the most thrilling and memorable experiences for travelers in Vietnam. Zooming by historic landmarks, seeing daily life unfold, and escaping to stunning countryside landscapes – motorbiking makes all this possible.

However, many visitors feel unsure about navigating Hanoi’s crowded roads and intense traffic. Without the right preparation, motorbiking in this city can seem daunting.

Follow this comprehensive guide to renting, driving, and sightseeing on a motorbike in Hanoi. With insider tips from seasoned experts, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence for an awesome motorbiking adventure!

How to Choose the Right Motorbike for You

The first step is deciding which type of motorbike suits your needs and experience level. Here are the main factors to consider:

Engine Size

  • 50cc – Best for complete beginners. Slower acceleration and top speeds around 45 km/h. Ideal for tooling around the city.
  • 125cc – The most common rental size. Accelerates faster, can reach top speeds of 100 km/h. Comfortable for longer trips out of the city.
  • 150cc or higher – Quick acceleration and high top speeds. Recommended for very experienced riders able to handle more power.

“We recommend engine sizes of 125cc and lower for novice motorbike drivers in Hanoi,” explains Nguyen Tu of Hanoi Motorbike Rental. “The extra power of 150cc+ bikes isn’t necessary in the city.”

Transmission Type

  • Manual – Gives you full control but requires using clutch and shifting gears. Takes time to learn.
  • Automatic – No gears or clutch. Less control at high speeds but easier to learn quickly.

Many travelers prefer automatic bikes in Hanoi. “They’re less hassle in congested traffic so you can focus more on your surroundings,” says motorbiking expert Ty Pham.

Classic vs Modern Styles

  • Classic – Vintage Vespas and Hondas from the 1950s-70s. Look cool but less reliable.
  • Modern – Sleek new Yamahas, Suzukis etc. More reliable and easier to find parts.

“Classic bikes add retro charm but often have more mechanical issues,” veteran motorbiker Vinh Le advises. “I’d stick with a modern bike as a foreigner unfamiliar with repairs.”

What to Look for When Renting a Motorbike

Finding a reputable rental shop with quality bikes is key for a safe, hassle-free experience. Consider these tips from motorbike rental pros:

Check Shop Reviews

  • Search both Google and Facebook for rental shop reviews. Beware of fake reviews.
  • Look for patterns of positive experiences, not just a few good ratings.

“Don’t rely solely on ads or slick websites,” cautions motorbike rental owner Phong Luu. “Check third-party review sites and forums to learn about real customer experiences.”

Inspect the Motorbike Thoroughly

  • Carefully check the tires, chain, lights, brakes, mirrors etc. Test drive it.
  • Take clear photos of any scratches or damage before renting.

“Do a thorough walk-around and inspection before accepting the motorbike,” says experienced expat rider Alan Owens. “Make sure everything works properly or you could get stuck with repair fees.”

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Ask About Insurance, Deposits and Gear

  • Confirm what insurance coverage is included. Many places require large cash deposits.
  • Ask if helmets, rain ponchos or other gear are provided. If not, buy your own locally.

“Don’t hand over any money until you’re crystal clear about deposits and what happens in case of theft or accidents,” stresses Ca Trieu, who runs a rental shop in Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

Obtaining a Valid Motorbike License

Riding in Vietnam legally requires having a valid Vietnamese motorcycle license or International Driving Permit (IDP). Here are your options:

Getting a Vietnamese License

  • Take a test and medical exam at a Vietnamese licensing authority.
  • Hire a local service to obtain the license for you, for a fee.
  • Fast but more expensive. Only valid while visa is active.

“Getting a local license yourself takes time but gives you a legal Vietnamese document,” explains visa agent Thu Nguyen. “Using a service is pricier but faster and easier.”

Getting an International Driving Permit

  • Apply for an IDP before traveling, valid for one year.
  • Still should carry home license. Police may want translations.

“I recommend carrying both your home license plus International Permit while motorbiking,” says seasoned expat Mike Ellis. “Together they check the legal boxes.”

Driving Unlicensed

  • Technically illegal but unlikely to be checked in routine stops.
  • If involved in any accidents or violations, consequences much more severe with no license.

“While seldom checked, riding without a valid license greatly increases your risk if anything goes wrong,” cautions motorbike safety advocate Hoang Tran.

Road Rules and Safety Tips for Hanoi

Obeying traffic laws and driving defensively is crucial for staying safe on Hanoi’s chaotic roads. Keep these expert pointers in mind:

Observe and Blend In

  • Spend time watching how locals drive first. Don’t challenge norms.
  • Drive slowly at first. Focus on keeping relaxed control.

“Trying to drive like it’s back home is a recipe for disaster here,” insists English expat and Hanoi resident Simon Murray. “Learn the flow before attempting to lead it.”

Ride Defensively

  • Constantly scan for potential hazards and have an escape route planned.
  • Cover brakes, use horns and lights to make your presence known.
  • Assume other drivers won’t obey signs, signals or lanes.

“Expect the unexpected and be ready to take evasive action at any moment,” urges Vietnam road safety advocate Mai Le after years of Hanoi driving.

Know The Laws

  • Helmets are mandatory. Bring your own or buy one locally that fits properly.
  • Carrying both a driver and a passenger is illegal on most motorbikes in Hanoi.
  • Using a phone or headphones while driving is prohibited.

“Local police are starting to enforce traffic laws more strictly so study up to avoid fines,” advises American expat and avid motorbiker, Alex Hill.

Recommended Motorbike Routes from Hanoi

Now for the fun part! Once you have your bike and gear, it’s time to hit the open road. Here are some awesome route ideas recommended by Hanoi motorbiking veterans:

Scenic Countryside Loops

Escape the city to discover rural delights in these directions:

  • Ninh Binh – Ride through Karst mountain landscapes to Tam Coc, Trang An and other sights.
  • Mai Chau/Pu Luong – Lush green valleys and hill tribe villages make peaceful rides west of Hanoi.
  • Ba Be National Park – A longer ride through mountains, lakes and waterfalls.

“Ninh Binh’s karst scenery and Mai Chau’s rolling hills make great day trips a few hours from Hanoi by motorbike,” suggests Vietnamese motorbiking club leader Tran Dang.

City Circuits

Zoom around Hanoi’s buzzing urban attractions:

  • Old Quarter – Weave through narrow streets spotted with temples, cafes and markets.
  • West Lake – Breeze along the shoreline of Hanoi’s scenic heart, stopping at pagodas and parks.
  • Long Bien Bridge – Cross the Red River over this historic French-built cantilever bridge.

“Avoid the worst traffic by hitting the Old Quarter very early or on side streets,” advises Hanoi resident Linh Hoang. “Then relax by West Lake in the evening.”

Handy Tips

  • Use Google Maps or apps like for navigation. Offline maps are helpful.
  • Bring mobile power banks to recharge devices and lights.
  • Budget 3-4 hours for Ninh Binh loops, 2 hours for West Lake, and 1 hour for Old Quarter exploration.

“Always have a paper map or two as backup,” suggests avid motorbiker Ty Nguyen. “Fully charged power banks and some cash are also must-haves when motorbiking outside the city.”

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As this guide shows, with proper preparation, renting and riding a motorbike in Hanoi is an amazing way to experience the energy of the city and beauty of the surrounding countryside. By following expert advice on choosing a bike, finding a quality rental shop, obtaining a license, driving defensively and planning scenic routes, you can have an unforgettable motorbiking adventure.

The thrill of independence and immersion in local landscapes await you on two wheels in Vietnam! Just take it slow and smart as you sharpen your street-riding skills. With the wind in your hair, Hanoi’s limitless sights will unveil themselves. Let the motorbiking memories begin!

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